CHS Junior Tekur Velazquez ...

Junior starter Tekur Velazquez makes a pass to a teammate during Islander Hoops action before winter break.

What’s left to be said about the Coronado High School boy’s basketball team at this point? Coming into the week, the boys in green and white were already winners of seven straight and were not just beating their opponents but dismantling them. 

But with a Holiday tournament at Sweetwater High School, the Islander’s stamina and ability to continue to play at a high level would be put to the test.  

First up, and standing in the Islander’s way of getting to eight wins in a row, would be Monte Vista High School. 

In the first, Coronado would step out to an early advantage as they would be lethal from beyond the arc thanks to several three-pointers courtesy of Justin Aybui and Nolan Reuter, who combined for four three-pointers in the first. 

Speaking of efficiency, that would be the best way to describe the Islanders on the night; as a team, they would shoot 53 percent from the field on the night, a far cry from Monte Vista, who would shoot a mere 36 percent from the field. 

While the Coronado offense would continue to attack the basket and operate at a highly efficient level in the second and third quarters, the Islander’s defense would also begin to leave its mark on the game. 

In the second and third quarters, the Islanders would, in total, record six steals that would result in fast break points. The thievery would come from Reuter, Loxly Johnson, and Tekur Velazquez. To go along with the steals, the Islanders would also come up with several blocks, perhaps none more emphatic than the rejection laid out by Shane Gillard in the third quarter. 

With a 15-point lead heading to the third, the Islanders would quickly ice the game in the fourth thanks to a pair of three-pointers from David Abdul Samad and fast break points from Reuter and Velazquez that would, in the end, handing the Islanders the 71-44 win and moving their winning streak to eight games. 

However, the eight-game streak would be soon extended to nine as in a game vs. Mount Miguel, and the Islanders would take home another win with the final score of 69-62. 

For the week’s final game, the Islanders would be pitted against long-time rival Point Loma High School. A fitting foe to be in the way of nine in a row. In contrast to their two last games of the week, the Islander’s offense would be a tad off-kilt for a majority of the game as they shot just 35 percent from the field and just 24 percent from beyond the three-point line. However, what they did have was timely shooting and standout defense. Coronado, as a team, would tally 13 steals and six blocks. 

Coronado was able to turn those steals into crucial breakaway points, namely in the fourth quarter when both Justin Aybui and Reuter would record steals and breakaway buckets that would put Coronado up both ten and then 13 points that would prove to ice the game as a whole and getting them their ninth straight win by the final of 63-50. 

While the nine straight was excellent, the Islanders would fall in the following game vs. Hoover High School by the score of 87-70. 

Nonetheless, the Islander’s record still sits at an impressive 10-4, and they will return to action this week when they take on Casa Roble High School.

VOL. 112, NO. 52 - Dec. 28, 2022

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