They say it’s never a good idea to look too far down the road, but when it comes to the 2022 Islanders Boys Soccer team it’s become simply difficult to resist.

The boys in green in white have gotten off to a near perfect start to the 2022 season, with a record 4-0-1, and for most of the time they have been on the pitch have proven to be one of, if not the most dominant team in San Diego County. If you don’t believe me, just peek at Max Preps power rankings that put the Islanders as the No.3 team in San Diego, behind Torrey Pines and Carlsbad, and as the No.2 team in CIF Division I.

So, what exactly makes this Islanders soccer team so special? Well, when you watch these Islanders you could choose from several things. But perhaps what stands out most is the speed, aggressiveness, and physicality & attitude they play with.

On the attacking front, the Islanders have the speed that can simply take the top off any backline put in front of them. Whether it’s Conner Buckley, CJ Fodrey, Garrett Sauter, Dylan Groenveld, Cesar Perez, or anyone else in green, if you give them even a yard too much space, they will more often than not fly by their defender. Something that you typically don’t see.

On the backline, it’s the Islander’s aggressiveness that pops out to you. They don’t sit back and play passive; they want to be in opposing attackers’ kitchens. They want to make them uncomfortable. All season long Jack Hunt, Ethan Hickey, Nick Lorr, Conner Mattick, and keeper Tony Miley have kept this aggressive style of defense up and is a massive reason the Islanders own a +10-goal differential.

But what has defined these Islanders most this season is the level of physicality they play with. The Islanders don’t fear hard contact, going in for a hard tackle, getting or being body checked. They seem to relish the opportunity to be physical and impose their will on their opponent. This mentality isn’t something that just resonates with starters, it’s something that goes all the way down this deep and talented Islander bench. Any Islander that touches the pitch, goes out there with this approach. It’s this mentality and approach that head coach Aaron Brooks has called on several occasions and “Islander Thing”.

And while we are just In the early part of the season, that “Islander Thing” certainly seems to be paying massive dividends and seems to be pathing a way for the Islanders to do great things this season.

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