All-Star Lacrosse Team ...

Pictured, bottom row from left: Avery Hunter, Sydney Dunn, Lilah Cade, Breck Dunn. Top row from left: Siena Kiefer, Coach Courtney Reidarson, Cambria Williams, Brynn Belong.

A “super” girls All-Star Lacrosse Team, the California Alliance, consisting of players from various San Diego County lacrosse clubs went East to participate and compete in The Surge 2021 Lacrosse tournament (July 16 & 17). Located in Frederica, Delaware, this tournament was host to some of the best teams on the East Coast. The 2027 (sixth grade) team had six local Coronado girls who made the team. The 2026 (seventh grade) team had one local Coronado girl who made the team. While Alliance was unknown before the tournament, that would quickly change as both teams steamrolled through the competition on a mission to show California girls can play lacrosse too! The tournament ended with the California Alliance teams being undefeated and champions in both age groups.

The 2027 Alliance started play against a self-proclaimed “elite lax” club from Charlotte North Carolina called the Charlotte Style. Final Score – Alliance 15, Style 1. The second game was against the Long Island Blue Devils. Final Score – Alliance 10, Blue Devils 2. Third game was against the Virginia Metro. Final Score – Alliance 12, Metro – 1. Fourth game was against one of the top clubs in Pennsylvania, the Xtreme. Final Score – Alliance - 12, Xtreme – 0. The championship game, which was the third game of the day, was against the only other undefeated team called the Boston Bullets Final Score – Alliance – 7, Bullets – 2.

The theme in all Alliance games was awesome defense and explosive offense. Even in the 95 degree hot/humid weather, the 2027 Alliance team, co-coached by local Coronado Coach Courtney Reidarson, was relentless in their pursuit of victory and respect. Led by Breck Dunn, who dominated the face-off circle against every opponent, Lilah Cade, Brynn Belong, and Siena Kieffer, who confused opponents with their mad-stick skills and scoring abilities, Avery Hunter who led the defense in shutting down potential scorers, and finally Cambria Williams, who received numerous accolades in the championship game from the opposing team for her numerous acrobatic saves. Sydney Dunn, impersonating Usain Bolt except with a lacrosse stick, was nearly impossible to contain in leading the 2026 Alliance team to their championship. The Alliance teams represented Southern California and the City of Coronado extremely well. Congratulations to these young ladies.

A special thank you to Rob and Alisa Dunn for being the creators of this amazing opportunity for not only Coronado girl’s lacrosse players but for all young girl lacrosse players in California, Arizona, and Utah.

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