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Coronado High School Interact Club members pause from their most recent project of repainting and updating a mural at the Hacienda Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. Pictured above from left to right are: Josie Morrissey, Anna Valades, Amelia Hawley, Chloe Berk, Mallory Morrissey, Carly Thoms, Noah Wahamaki, Declan Dineen, Cole Mullins; Co-Presidents Brianna Heinken and Maxine Lacher; Andrea Fuentes, and Sarah Murline.

The Coronado Interact Club, sponsored by the Coronado Rotary Club, is a service club made up of over 30 active Coronado High School students. Along with various service projects in the community, the Interact Club travels to the Hacienda Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico three to four times each school year to complete projects, bring donations, and spend time with the children there. The Coronado Rotary Club also provides financial assistance to the orphanage throughout the year.

During a recent virtual Rotary meeting using Zoom, Rotarians were able to hear from Interact Co-President Brianna Heinken. She explained about the orphanage’s struggle experiencing its transition to virtual learning because they lack the technology needed.

After Heinken explained the orphanage’s need for laptops and various other distance-learning/COVID-19 related possible donations, Coronado Rotary President-Elect Robin MacCartee asked Rotarians to use the chat-box feature in Zoom if they would like to make donations. In less than 10 minutes, the Rotary Club raised $7,465 and an in-kind donation of five tablets. There were 76 Rotarians who donated to make this happen. These funds will be used to purchase laptops and devices for students to continue their school work, as well as any necessities the orphanage may need during this time.

The overwhelming support from Rotarians was incredible! It is so inspiring to see how willing the Coronado Rotary Club is to step up in a time of need.

Cole Mullins, Interact Vice President, said, “After going to the orphanage for the last four years, I have loved meeting all the children and creating bonds with them. It is a very special and amazing experience that I have been able to have. This gift will impact them greatly as it will help improve their living conditions and open new doors for them. They are bright kids and thanks to gifts like this they have bright futures ahead!”

Declan Dineen, Interact Co-President-Elect, also commented, “It’s been such a remarkable experience getting to give back to the orphanage in addition to making a positive impact on the children’s lives. I’m beyond thankful for having such giving and involved role models such as the Rotarians. I’m excited to see what the children will be able to achieve and accomplish with your generous donation.”

Thank you so much to the amazing Rotarians and Coronado Rotary Club for your generous support!

If members of the community are interested in donating or getting involved with Coronado High School’s Interact projects, please contact the Coronado Rotary Club at

Brianna Heinken is a Coronado High School senior and CHS Interact co-president.

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