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The NAT Comes To Coronado

Coronado Public Library | Posted: Thursday, August 1, 2019 4:01 pm

It has been said Coronado was only jackrabbits and sage bush when Mr. Babcock and Mr. Story first visited on a hunting expedition in the late 1880s. However, Coronado was and is a coastal habitat of much greater significance. In partnership with the San Diego Natural History Museum, Coronado Public Library’s latest exhibit “Natural Coronado” explores some of the wildlife found on Coronado, past and present.

The exhibit, which goes up on August 3rd, represents a new partnership whereby the Natural History Museum is loaning taxidermy and genuine artifacts from its collections on an unprecedented scale (to a local library) to create an exhibit expertly curated to represent local flora and fauna. The library’s extensive display cases will be themed to represent different aspects of our natural environment – coastline, birds, plants and animals.

The exhibit is due to coincide with the installation of massive 100” video wall in the library’s exhibit area. To celebrate both events, the library is inviting the community to submit candid photos or short video of wildlife taken here in Coronado. The best photos and video will be displayed on the video wall, alongside the exhibit.

Both the beach and bay are rich feeding areas for many species of shorebirds, and other birds. Some common mammals to be found here are squirrels, raccoons, opossums and jackrabbits. A great place to observe natural Coronado is at the Silver Strand, NAture’s Bridge to Discovery. Sea life on our shores, such as sand crabs and star fish, will also be represented in the “Natural Coronado” exhibit, along with more exotic and surprising inclusions.

Residents and visitors are invited capture an image or create a one-minute video of wildlife found on Coronado, North Island or the Silver Strand and send the digital image or video to the Coronado Public Library.