"Taking Turns" ...

“Taking Turns” is a whimsical tale written with a universal theme about restoring balance. Sun and Moon have been together for a lifetime. Can they resolve their differences? Moon’s refusal to take turns with Sun to gain more attention not only impacts his friend, Sun, but affects our whole planet, Earth. Fun facts about our Sun and Moon included.

Filled with nature, science and how the sun and moon resolve their differences, “Taking Turns” offers social skills for children to learn kindness, sharing and friendship. This book follows the common core state standards for English, Science, and in social skills for children up to grade five.

Coronado author Marianne Blackstone Tabner shares her own fascination of learning with children by making reading fun. “Taking Turns,” offered in both English and Spanish, helps children to explore concepts of sharing while providing them with opportunities to expand their creativity and imagination with hands-on science activities.

Inspired by the birth of her first grandchild, Blackstone Tabner rediscovered her passion to advocate for children’s literacy and their learning needs which began when she was a special education teacher in the Boston suburbs. Marianne is a devoted supporter of local and national literacy foundations. A portion of Marianne’s proceeds is donated to “Every Child a Reader” and “Children’s Literacy Foundation (Clif).”

Blackstone Tabner has created “Mimi’s Story Hour” to share her love of reading with children and to provide fun, educational, hands-on activities for parents and teachers. Visit MarianneBlackstoneTabner.com to access more resources, including a downloadable teacher-parent resource guide found @Mimi’s Story and to follow “Mimi” on her next story hour adventure. She now lives, writes, and plays in sunny Coronado.

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