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St. Paul’s Methodist Church meals donation event for medical personnel at Sharp Coronado Hospital were delivered by restaurant owners Carol and Brant Sarber of Costa Azul and Island Pasta, and received by Christine Santos, Sharp Coronado Hospital Community Relations and Events Specialist and by Sherwin Sy, executive assistant to Susan Stone, Sharp Coronado Hospital CEO. The Methodist church community project helps support font line workers during the coronavirus epidemic.

For the second time during the coronavirus pandemic, St. Paul’s Methodist Church has rallied to provide restaurant meals to feed the medical staff at Sharp Coronado Hospital.

In addition to other outreach programs in place, the Staff Parish Committee made it a goal to thank the many doctors, nurses and support staff who have manned the hospital facilities for nearly 12 months during the worldwide health crisis.

“Our members readily pitched in to cover the cost of this project, which not only says thanks to our frontline healthcare providers but also provides an opportunity for local restaurants that have been hit so hard by the pandemic,” said Staff Parish Chairperson Scott Metzger. Coordinating with Christine Santos, Sharp Coronado Hospital’s Community Relations and Event Specialist, St. Paul’s turned to Brant and Carol Sarber, owners of Island Pasta and Costa Azul to assist with the meal project.

The evening shift of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers were treated to delicious carnitas platters and spinach salad dinners. The Sharp Coronado Hospital medical crew has put in many back-to-back days to provide essential care during the COVID crisis.

“A warm meal at the beginning of a long shift is a welcome surprise and much appreciated encouragement from the community,” said Santos.

Every meal delivered included a message from the congregation “as you perform the ministry of healing, may you be renewed as you work to cure, speak to soothe, and touch to heal.”

For more information on other community outreach programs at St. Paul’s Methodist Church, please visit, #goodnewsgreatjoyallpeople.

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