Coronado Rotary Peacemaker Award ...

Susan Enowitz, the Rotary Peace Committee Chair, gave the Coronado Rotary Peacemaker Award to David Lynch, the recipient of this year’s award.

Changing lives for the better is a worthy goal for all of us. Coronado resident David Lynch has changed generations of lives for the better and many of those who have been given a chance have, in turn, transformed lives so that the world becomes a better place. Rotary Club of Coronado recognized David Lynch as its 2020 recipient of its Peacemaker Award.

Starting with his own transformative experience traveling from New York to Tijuana to teach for one month in the summer of 1980, David found that the needy children of Colonia Pan Americano, or “El Dompe,” who had no school, showed him where to commit his life work. He moved to Tijuana full time in 1983 and worked with the Mexican government and Rosemont College to establish the Responsibility School. It was clear to David that education needed to include trips to the city and to businesses to show the students what life away from the dump was like. David established a similar school in Mategalpa, Nicaragua. Forty years later, his former students have businesses of their own, have achieved academic excellence and some have returned home as teachers, transforming the lives of young students. Truly, David is an enthusiastic example of what one person with energy and commitment can accomplish and an inspiring choice for the Peacemaker Award.

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