This week’s lecture is “The Arc of Western Art and the Great Disruptions of the Renaissance and Impressionism.” The presenter, Linda Blair, is one of the most popular art lecturers in San Diego. She is well known for her wonderful lectures on art history. We hope you enjoy this informative and lively presentation. Linda is a fun and entertaining lecturer which we always learn a great deal from.

You can view the free video lecture at:

This video will be available for online viewing now through Monday, May 25. All our Osher lectures are brought to you through our continued partnership with UC San Diego’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

Synopsis: The arc of Western art history is long, but traditional art classes focus on specialized eras or schools of art without placing them in a larger historic context. This talk will to seek to remedy this. Emphasis will be placed on two tumultuous eras, times of conflict and surrender of long-held ideas, when existing artistic, religious and cultural values were challenged and displaced by antithetical beliefs. The first, perhaps the era of greatest change, the “Great Disruption,” occurred when Medieval beliefs were forced to yield to the changing economic and social systems that characterized the Renaissance. The second, the “Lesser Great Disruption,” took place in nineteenth-century France, when the artistic ideas and techniques first formulated during the Renaissance 400 years before were challenged by the radical ideas of a new generation of artists, the Impressionists.

Presenter: Linda Blair taught art history for many years, in the East (where she was also a docent at The Cloisters), at the Athenaeum Library in La Jolla, and at our Osher Institute, where she has long been one of our most popular presenters. Her BA is from Mills College and her MA in history is from the University of San Diego. She is a co-founder of the UC San Diego “Town and Gown” volunteer organization, which is dedicated to raising scholarship funds for university students.

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