Letters to the Troops is a program that the MOAA (Military Officers Association of America) Silver Strand Chapter asks students to write letters to deployed service members. Certain letters receive first and second places and honorable mentions. Below are samples of the letters sent, copied as closely as possible.

The first place and other honorable mention from Christ Church Day School were sent off to the troops before a copy was made to pass along to the Eagle & Journal.

Dear Service Member,

Thank you so much for portecting our country, keeping other people safe in other countries, and having less family time to keep our country safe.

In world War II, my grandpa’s parents died on a captured ship, also in World War II my great grandma was a messenger for the U.S. because you keep my country safe I can enjoy my favorite hobby horseback riding.

Thanks again for keep in our country safe, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, stay safe! :)

Your freind,


Honorable mention, Christ Church Day School

Dear Service Member,

Thank You So Much!!!

Hi, my name if Griffin, I would like to take some time to thank you for time and effort spent into saving and creating our community a better and more gentle place. You create an amazing place, though you are serving our country for those who are sitting around while you are risking your life, we appreciate the grit and bravery that comes out of your actions.

I am a 12 year old boy with a brother and loving family (that you helped provide) that has an amazing life in a place that is amazing. I love to hang out with friends and play sports such as lacrosse, soccer and beach volleyball. I have an amazing group of friends and family that has served in the Army, Military, Navy, and my uncle is in the Coast Guard. You have a thoughtful and generous impact on thousands of families around the world by helping our country.

All in all, I am so appreciative and thankful for the help and support you have given me and my family. You create an opportunity to let people have freedom and support. Happy Thanksgiving!



Second place, Christ Church Day School

Dear Service Member,

I just wanted to say thanks for sacrificing yourself and your family to take care of the United States. I know is hard to live without your family. Thank yo for your service and sacrifices so that we can live in a free country. Thank you for being our hero.

Your friend, Joes

Fourth grade, honorable mention, Sacred Heart Parish School

Dear Service Member,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work that you’ve done and I’m so happy that you’re in the military just to save us and our country. It’s especially hard when its almost the holidays and you’re away from you’re family. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Your friend,


Fourth grad, honorable mention, Sacred Heart Parish School

Dear Service Member,

Thank you for everything that you do. You have helped our country stay strong. That means alot to me (and everyone ;) ). You have sacrificed not seeing your family, friends and anyone else, mostly. You sacrificed not seeing your loved ones for a long period of time. Right now, even more, and to us, being in quarentine is not fun at all, but to imagine you did that even without COVID-19, that to me seems really brave, selfless, and strong of you. I know your family must really miss you. And whatever job you have I’m sure it’s a lot of work, but your doing it!!!! It’s not easy being in the military, and I don’t even know that mush about being in the military. May God bless you! Happy Holidays! and really, THANK YOU! Your doing a good thing for all of us! Take care and stay safe during hard times! I believe in you!



Fifth grade, second place, Sacred Heart Parish School

Dear Service Member,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do for this contry. You have so much respect from all of us. I can’t even begin to describe how greatly appreciated you are to every American citizen. To know that you are risking your life daily, amazes me everyday more and more. I am so beyond thankful to know that I have someone brave and strong protecting me. I know how much of a sacrifice it is for you to leave your family and home. You are my hero. I wanted to wish you happy holidays. I am always thinking of you are forever in my prayers. You are so loved. You are so appreciated. Thank you for absolutely everything.

Sincerely, Daniela

Eighth grade, first place, Sacred Heart Parish School

Dear service member,

As a military child, I would like to thank you for being able to serve during the current covid times. I understand that it must be really hard to be in a mask and social distancing for what probably six or more hours a day. I really appreciate how hard you have been working all year and not being able to see your family especially due to your job.

I am currently in seventh grad and doing online school. My dad is in the military right now and know how hard it is. I hope that you are able to have a happy and safe holiday. Hope you know that you are in are thoughts.



Grade seven, honorable mention, Coronado Middle School

Dear American service member,

I greatly appreciate all that you have done to protect this country. Everyday you make it a better place that’s safer whether it’s sunny or rainy. I have made this short poem to show all of my gratitude.

Thank you for making this place safer,

I hope it’ll be now and maybe later,

Protecting this country is very loyal,

I hope your Christmas is very joyful.

Don’t feel too lonely,

Maybe you can get cozy,

You have always inspired me,

Remember we’re in the land of the free!

I hope you enjoyed it, even thought it is short. Over this holiday season, you should get all that you desire and even more. Without you, I have no idea where we would be as a country. You and everyone in the military have earned all of our respect. Every day we think of you! Stay as safe as possible. Have a very jolly Christmas!

Thank you for all that you have done,



Honorable mention, Coronado Middle School

Dear Service Member,

Hello service member, I’d like to thank you for all of the services you have given to us, and you do it for everybody in the country. You don’t know most of the country, but you still sacrifice your life for all of our lives. Without you, we would be scared to go outside and face all of the challenges and people outside.

I’d also like to thank you for dealing with everything during this huge pandemic. It was easier before this year because you got to help each other easier, make sure you aren’t side, and still helping our country. But during this pandemic, it has been super hard to do that, and everything always has to be spread out. But I still thank every one of you for dealing with everything while have to keep yourself safe.

Before I was born, my dad was in the navy and had to do the same thing as you did. He was 18 when he joined and retired when he was in his 20s. He always tells me stories that he did and some stories were super hard to deal with. I cannot imaging having to do the work that you do, but you do it for our country and you help each and every citizen to live and not feel scared.

As a kid, I always had a fear of different things that would be more popular if you weren’t around to help us, but since you are here, it makes the world a better place and gives us an easier lifestyle to live in.

Again, thank you all for everything you have done, and I really hope you stay safe during these times. It’s hared to do so many things, get educated, see friends and firght for our country.

Please stay safe.



Seventh grade, second place, Coronado Middle School

Dear Service Member,

I would like to thank you for your dedication to this country, and to the safety of the American people. everyday while people like me are doing school, or hanging out with friends, going to work or being with their families, you are working tirelessly to make sure America stays a free country, where you can practice religion, have free speech and make a living. Especially during this time of still being in the year 2020, which clearly holds lots of hardships and difficulties for everyone, we as a people are even more grateful for your service and love of this country.

Personally, I am a military child, so I know that it is really hard to see your mom or dad deploy on a ship or go to another country or whatever takes them away from home. But one thing that I have also realized is that when your parent, or sibling or any member of your family goes away to keep you and your family and your country free and safe, you are proud and even though you miss them very much, you are glad that your family member has the kind of courage you can lookup to and tell others about. I don’t know what you’re going through right now. I don’t know if you’re a man or a woman, if you’re an officer or enlisted. If you’re a five-star Army general or a sailer on their first tour. I don’t know if you hd to leave your family behind or your home, or your pets, but I do know what you are an amazing courageous person and that without you serving our country alongside the other women and men that America wouldn’t be the same without. You inspire me daily to work harder, achieve better and work for our country. So thanks. And to lighten up your day, here’s a joke: What do you call a pig that does karate?

Answer: A pork chop!


Eighth grade, first place, Coronado Middle School

Dear Service Member,

I want to say thank you for serving our country and keeping us all safe. I greatly thank you for this because if it wasn’t for you America might be invaded or taken over. Thank you for putting your life on the line for others. You inspire me to want to do great things and I hope you have a great rest of your time in the military.

Sincerely, Caden

Fourth grade, honorable mention, Village Elementary School

Dear service member, (Happy Veterans Day!!!)

Thank you for putting your life at risk to save our country. I really really really really appreciated what you have done for the United States. I can not thank you enough for your really huge sacrifice of going away from your freinds and family, if you have any.

I hope you have a great veterans day and my best wishes to you for hapiness and the best luck in the future.



Fourth grade, honorable mention, Village Elementary School

Dear service member,

I want to tell you some things, thank you for serving our country, I know it is hard being away from your family. You have done so much for us, fighting wars, practicing and being awesome! If I was serving our country it would be hard to be away from my family, and playing with your kids (if you have any kids). You are doing the best you can. I am so thankful you and all you have done. Just keep going and never give up!!!



Fourth grade, second place, Village Elementary School

** Navy ** Army ** Marines

Dear Service Member,

I wanted to thank you for putting other lives before yours to protect our country. You are brave and to leave your family to serve for America.

Every year on Veterans day I go visit Midway. I think of all those who lost their lives during the war just to do a favor for America. To protect us.

You should be proud of yourself because anyone who enters any branch of the military must be brave. That proves that you are too. I have lost family do to war, bt at least I know they died trying to protect this country. You and every other military member will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Thank you, you are a hero!



Fourth Grad, first place, Village Elementary School

Dear Service Member,

Thank you for prtecting America. I know you miss your family, but I know what it feelse like. I hope you get to See your family Soon. Thank you for fighting for America. Thank you for keeping us safe. I Love you for keping America safe.

Love, Gracie

Honorable mention, Silver Strand Elementary School

Dear Soldier,

How are you doing? My name is Emmylou. I am 7 years old and in second grade. My favorite animal is a scarlet macaw. I think you are brave, fearless and persistent. Thank you for your service.



Honorable mention, Silver Strand Elementary School

Dear Survice Member,

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your bravery and full heart. I know its hard not being by your families side, but you will be with them soon. Everyday you’re one step closer to getting to be with your family and helping the world. You’re a helpful friend to all. You’re a superhero! ~



Fourth grad, second place, Silver Strand Elementary School

Dear Service Member,

Thank you for sacraficeing your life to protect our country, and giving America freedom. We appreciate you fighting for us, keeping us safe, and working so hard. The United states is safe because of your hard work. happy late veterans day. We love you!



First place, Silver Strand Elementary School

Dear Service Member,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do for our country. I understand that when you are out in a sea that you can get a little lonely, but I want you to know that you are not alone. What you are doing for our country is beyond anything I can do in ghigh school right now. Every time we wake up in the morning and get ready for school or for the day and start heading to school or wherever we are going, we are safe because of what you are doing. You are putting your lives on the line for everyone here at home and I just want to thank you so much for that. If youthink about this, on average 1 babies are born around the world every minute and it is because of what you do for our country that these babies can be born and you make another set of parents thrilled. You are the people that make me want to follow in your footsteps and go defend the country myself. This is all because of what you do for our country and thank you so very much for that.


Honorable mention, Coronado High School NJROTC

Dear service member,

Thank you for your service and protection. I hope you are doing well, and hopefully you will get to see someone waiting for you when you get home. Without you American wouldn’t be the great place that it is and millions of people wouldn’t be able to enjoy Christmas either.

For the Christmas season, one of my favorite treats is Hot Chocolate just because it’s so good. You might be somewhere very hot for this year’s Christmas, but maybe you’ll be able to drink some decent Hot Chocolate, too.

Thank you for your service,



Second place, Coronado High School NJROTC

Dear Service Member,

I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do. You are out there supporting evryone in this nation daily and I cannot thank you enough. You are protecting millions of people as a choice. Life on a ship must b hard, but hopefully you’ll be back in time to see the Padres make the playoffs next year! Thank you for protecting everyone, it is a very brave thing to do. I hope livingin on a ship is fun sometimes, otherwise you must be bored out of your mind. Does anyone pull pranks on each other on deployment? That would make things more interesting. I’ll end this with a joke: What month do all troops hate? March!

Get home safe,


First place Coronado High School NJROTC

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