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Jamie Soricelli with her fiancé Tim Crainick, her son Chase and Crainick’s daughter Alli during the filming of the Disney commercial.

Jamie Soricelli did a few roles as an extra when she was in her 20’s. Now in her 30’s she is doing commercials and has been called for a role in a movie.

It all started when she and her boyfriend Tim Crainick went to a taping of the Ellen De Generis Show last year and Crainick proposed to her on the show. Following the engagement  they were both contestants on the “Celebrity Name Game” with Mel B. which aired this past May. Soricelli then went on the show “Say Yes to the Dress” with aired in April.

The show did not go well for Soricelli who had to chose a bridal dress and got upset on the set. One of the designers invited her to go to New York City and pick another dress. She is scheduled to go to New York in September for another taping.

After sending her resume and photo Soricelli has received a lot of calls. “It’s always been a dream of mine. I feel older now, but there are still a lot of roles. I’m being typecast as a mom,” she said but shrugged it off. “I’m a mom anyway,” she said. Soricelli and her son Chase, plus Crainick and his two daughters Alli and Cory starred in two Disney commercials recently that have not been aired yet. The first one was filmed for the 60th anniversary of Disneyland and shows the family watching the parade. The family was called for the second commercial for Disney Destinations called “Unforgettable Moments” where they played with the character Mater from Cars.

Soricelli said although the family was told what type of clothes to wear they eventually were given other clothes on the set. “I wasn’t Disney mom enough. They changed everyone except Chase. After the first [commercial] I already knew. They wanted natural makeup. They put me in denim shirt and white pants. In the first one I looked older. They put me in a salmon colored blazer,” she said adding that the commercial was filmed at night and they probably wanted the colors to stand out. Soricelli has also done a Container Store commercial filmed in Pacific Palisades in which she played an interior designer.

The night before this interview she received a call from a casting director to audition for a role in a new “The Divergent Series,” and she had to be in Atlanta the next morning. “Did you say a role?” she recalls saying. Unfortunately she was not able to fly to Atlanta on that short notice but got another call the following week. 

Soricelli explained that now that she has worked in they industry she is eligible to be in the Studio Actors Guild and can do better roles and get better pay as well. She has been acting as her own agent so far but plans on finding one soon.

In the meantime she has gone back to the Ellen De Generis show for updates. Although Soricelli and Crainick had planned to marry in March they postponed the wedding to January 2016.

After filming the two Disney commercials her son Chase, 11, who is going to attend sixth grade at Coronado Middle School, has the acting bug. “He wants to audition for Disney. I didn’t think he’d like it. There is an open call for Disney for a week. We’ll have to hear back,” she said.

Even one of Crainick’s daughters Alli, who is 11 years old and lives in Illinois with her mom told Soricelli, “Can I stay here and be an actress?”

Soricelli has not seen the commercials she filmed yet and is waiting to hear the date. “It was so much fun to do it,” she said.

She flew to Atlanta recently to work on “The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part 1,” then “Vampire Diaries,” and the while she is still in Atlanta she hopes to hear whether she got a featured role in the film, “Mothers Day” featuring Julia Roberts. After coming back to Coronado for her son’s first few days of school, she will fly again to Texas to film the ABC drama called “American Crime Series.”

“It will be nice to be in one place for a week or so and not driving back and forth to L.A. every other day for an audition. Saturday I was stuck in traffic for almost 5 hours,” she wrote in an email.

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