FOCUS Rummage Sale ...

FOCUS (Friends of Children United Society) held a Rummage Sale on Aug. 5, at the Grand Caribe Room, 505 Grand Caribe Causeway, Coronado Cays. The Sale was a great success, with FOCUS earning over $5,600.

All of the items sold were donated and some of the items sold included: two antique cash registers, two surf boards, a Sunfish Sailboat, an inflatable kayak, blenders, crock pots, German and English beer glasses, and much more. As usual with FOCUS Rummage Sales, there were a lot of great deals.

FOCUS is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to the mission of raising money to help abused, homeless, disabled, disadvantaged, foster and military children within San Diego County. Instead of giving money to agencies or individuals, FOCUS members purchase and deliver the needed items. FOCUS supports many agencies throughout San Diego County, including Urban Street Angels/8 West, Armed Forces YMCA, San Diego, San Pasqual Academy, San Diego Rescue Mission, Polinsky Children’s Center, STEP (Support the Enlisted Project), and Voices for Children. In 2016, FOCUS spent over $125,000 helping children. FOCUS raises money through donations, membership dues and fundraisers, like the Rummage Sale. This Rummage Sale will help a lot of children.

Focus would like to thank all of those people who donated items to the sale, those who shopped and the volunteers who helped run the sale. More information on FOCUS can be found on the website:

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