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Crown Clubbers enjoying a past Christmas Dinner Dance. Dine & Dance Coronado will hold this year’s Christmas celebration on Dec. 11 in the Nautilus Room of the Coronado Recreation Center.

A new, members only, social club launched this November with the focus on memorable evenings filled with music, dining, and dancing. Dine & Dance Coronado is the new and improved Crown Club which was a vibrant part of Coronado’s social scene for over 70 years.

The original Crown Club was founded in October 1946 by 10 couples who wanted to create a dancing club for Coronado’s non-military families who were not able to join the many social events staged at the Officer’s Clubs of North Island and the Amphibious base. The club thrived on dinner dances for seven decades but was forced to go dark during the Covid pandemic.

Dine & Dance Coronado has revamped the club by-laws to make it more inclusive for the community. Glory and Jim Palecek serve as co-Presidents who are excited to welcome couples of all ages to enjoy life to the fullest with good food, good friends, and good music. Members can be spouses, significant others or just friends who love to dance. You must have a connection to Coronado through full or part time residence, work or social/family relationships. Annual memberships are $250 per couple, but single members can also join and bring a date to any of the five scheduled dances per year. There is also a chance to “try a dance” prior to becoming members.

Planning for the Dec. 11 Christmas dance is well underway. It will be held in the Nautilus Room at the Coronado Recreation Center. Future dances are scheduled for Feb. 12, April 30, June 11, and Oct. 8, 2022. Membership capacity (due to lingering COVID protocols) is limited to 100 couples before a waiting list will be created.

You can find out more information and register your interest on their website: www.dineanddancecoronado.com

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