Musical talent abounds in Coronado, and Crown City Chorale, an outreach of Musica Vitale, is emerging as the community jewel to showcase some of that talent. Directed by Elena Vizuet, the group has begun its weekly rehearsals at Resurrection Lutheran Church each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. With 27 returning members and only a few vacancies remaining, Vizuet is extending the registration for two more weeks. To join for the fall session, the registration fee is $100. A year enrollment fee is $200. Information about registration is available at The fall and spring sessions conclude with a concert in December and May.

Vizuet has been involved with music professionally for over 30 years as a singer, pianist, music instructor, conductor, and impresario. Her educational credentials are extensive which include an MA degree in Choral Conducting and an MA in Music Education from the prestigious Ural Conservatory, Russia. She has performed in Russia, Mexico, Budapest, and the San Diego Opera in over 100 productions.

Crown City Chorale is a group open to amateurs who have some experience or simply enjoy singing. With only one rehearsal, the group is beginning to learn the music for the December 14 performance of sacred and secular music. The chorus will be accompanied by piano and harp.

The director praises the group for their congeniality, for their eagerness and confidence, and for their willingness to persist to master the selections. Vizuet admits her selections are difficult to learn, but she is sure that they will master them. Most of the singers have had experience with church or community choirs and can read music which makes the task of teaching new material easier.

Vizuet says, “Music is very inspirational wherever you are, whether you’re in the church or outside. Music will never tell you to do bad things. It always inspires you to do something wonderful and to unite people. It’s kind of an instrument of humanitarian tool, in a way.”

Comments from the members support her description. “I enjoy singing in the Crown City Chorale because it is fun, the music that Elena selects is excellent, and after learning it well, we are quite good. Last year, during our two performances, the enthusiastic audiences enjoyed both presentations.” Lee

“The chorale is a great group to be able to sing good, classical, and beautiful music. A great group of singers of all talents getting together to have fun singing and enjoy singing for the community.” Sue

With a non-profit community choir, the pressure level is reduced as performers join to experience the blending of voices to create beautiful sounds and have fun with others who enjoy singing. However, expenses to maintain a community choir can cause difficulties. Expenses include renting a facility to practice and perform, buying music, paying an accompanist and director.

According to Vizuet, “A community choir is always, everywhere in the world, a non-profit organization. You cannot make money out of it. That’s why you ask the community to donate. You can do fund raisers, and that’s exactly what we’re aiming at. Right now the chorus is getting under the wing of Musica Vitale. It’s established and housed here in Coronado.”

Coronado actively supports the arts in many ways. The community anticipates the performances of Crown City Choral and their “beautifying the world with music.”

VOL. 112, NO. 38 - Sept. 21, 2022

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