The Mindfulness Room ...

The Mindfulness Room and its creators from left, Visual Art Teacher Karrie Jackson; students Erika Smith, Angelina Troilo, Sharon Paronik, Amanda Moser, Gabrielle Thomas; and Counselor Afsaneh Doctor-Safaie.

In a community effort, CoSA students Amanda Moser, Sharon Paronik, Gabrielle Thomas, Angelina Troilo and Erika Smith have collaborated to create a new Mindfulness Room on the campus of Coronado High School (CHS). The student Artist Team worked with on-site Counseling Department and Maintenance to refine their vision for the high school mindfulness space.

Using their artistic imagination and experience as mindfulness and yoga practitioners, students collaborated in crafting plans based on the vision of CHS Counselor Afsaneh Doctor-Safaie. Students collaborated with CUSD Maintenance Master John Coolidge, who supported and advised students on materials, preparing the space and logistics. In the planning process, students met with Afsaneh to discuss the purpose and practicalities of the space, then worked as a team to propose a peaceful design for the space.

Students had experience in preparing and proposing a project budget and estimated timeline. In their original comp, students chose to emphasize peace and simplicity in the space through a symbolic form on the central wall flanked by two cherry blossom trees on each side wall creating a sense of balance and harmony in the 11 x 11 foot space.

In consideration of input, the original expressive symbol based of a yoga pose was revised and replaced with a more intricate contemplative mandala-like design. From there, students incorporated elements of interior design. With support and feedback from their CoSA Visual Art Teacher, Karrie Jackson, the design of the space evolved to preserve a sense of peace and balance with simple accents to the central lotus mandala. To soften the atmosphere, CHS English Teacher, Heather Bice had carpet donated from her parents Ken and Marcia Hall, owners of Bakersfield Floor Covering in Bakersfield, California.

The CHS Mindfulness Room is available for students, teachers and administrators to take a moment to center and practice the art of mindfulness. The consensus is that the Mindfulness groups are relaxing and we feel so fortunate to have the space. Currently Mindfulness groups are offered Tuesday 8 to 8:30 a.m., Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. and Wednesday at lunch. The Counseling Department hopes to hold more sessions as the group grows.

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