Have you found yourself to be more stressed out than usual? Self care means many things. It can mean taking a moment for yourself, spending time doing things you love, or simply reminding yourself of what is important. This can be hard to do when there’s laundry to be folded, kids to help with virtual classwork, or with the hundred other things that we must do each day. The Coronado Public Library is here to help!

Starting Sept. 1, each month the library will have a self-care kit available for pick up. Each kit will include a calming craft, tea, links to helpful library resources and more. We’ll provide lists of library resources to tie into the theme of each month’s kit. The September kit will focus on mindfulness and provide items to promote taking that moment for yourself. Mindfulness is a mental state used to focus in on the moment. It’s often used in meditation to check in with yourself in that time, letting go of feelings you don’t need, and accepting how you feel right then. In everyday life it can be used to center yourself and can be especially helpful in times of stress. On Thursday, Sept. 3, participants can join our zoom video as we demonstrate how to put together this month’s craft. Stay tuned for more wellness focused virtual events. Reserve your kit for September by emailing jluna@coronado.ca.us or use the library’s curbside service to pick up your kit each month while supplies last. New kits will be released the first Monday of each month. This program is made possible by the Friends of the Coronado Public Library. For information, call 619-522-7390.

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