Earlier this spring the Coronado Island Film Festival(CIFF) unveiled their 2020 Festival theme - “Frames of Mind.”

“Little did we know how apropos that theme would be for many this year,” exclaimed Executive Director, Merridee Book. “The collective mood and attitudes of our community and nation have certainly been put to the test throughout the past several months.”

In film lingo a “frame” is one of many still images that when completed, compose a “moving picture”. The double entendre seems especially significant this year. Each image taken in and of itself does not complete the full picture but when viewed together the collective whole presents a cinematic story. The interplay of the new decade marked as 2020, which indicates perfect vision, was also intentional - what we see, and how we view something, shapes and informs us. With the impact of COVID 19, CIFF is currently “reframing” their traditional festival with a new fresh vision and creativity as they take into account the necessary safety measures to ensure the health and well-being of the community, festival attendees , and, of course, our volunteers! Efforts to refocus and refine the traditional programming schedule may result in a different format from previous years, but without sacrificing the commitment to bring the high quality, diverse and compelling films, panels and workshops that our attendees have come to expect year after year.

“We’re having fun rising to the challenge of these bizarre times in creative new ways; it’s pretty exciting,” says festival founder Doug St. Denis. “This year’s ‘out-of-the-box’ approach will offer something for the whole community to embrace!”

One exciting development that has resulted from COVID 19 is festival collaboration. With the film industry facing uncharted waters, many festivals found themselves having to cancel due to the shutdown, and films in production ground to an abrupt halt. CIFF is proud to announce a partnership with the Mendocino Film Festival, who had to cancel their own festival at the last minute to the dismay of accepted filmmakers, derailing months of hard work and production. Already having an established relationship with Claudia Puig, President of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, who serves as both the CIFF Head Juror for Documentaries and Program Director for the Mendocino Film Festival, it became apparent that this presented a unique opportunity to both strengthen the quality of the programming and build a partnership with a fellow like-minded film festival. This is a fantastic story of collaboration that CIFF hopes will continue into post-COVID future. Mendocino has built a strong emphasis on Documentary Features.

“We are cautiously optimistic that what we have planned will honor and elevate those strong and passionate independent filmmakers who have had such an unpredictable year,” stated Book, “As a platform for their stories we do not want to see these films get lost in a year of upheaval and we are, as always, committed to showcasing the best in cinematic art!”

The festival will announce the official programming slate in September, for the week of Nov. 11-15, 2020, including a special Veterans Day Sunset Salute on Nov. 11, to be held outdoors on the Coronado Golf Course. Limited, individual tickets will be available in advance to all screenings and events on a first come basis. Reservations will be required; no tickets will be sold at the door this year for safety reasons.

The programming schedule is subject to change based on recommendations by the City, State and local health organizations, which CIFF is tracking weekly. For the most up-to-date information on monthly and virtual screenings and/or ways to support the film festival, please visit the festival website, www.coronadofilmfest.com or email info@coronadofilm.com.

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