On July 25, 2020, the Coronado Democratic Club elected a new President and Vice President.

Susan Marrinan, elected President, has resided in Coronado for 43 years. Her children, Dana and Blake Finlay are graduates of Coronado High School (CHS) as are her grandchildren Henry, Sophie, and Jack Arbaugh, and Jackson Mills. A granddaughter, Sophia Mills, is a senior at CHS. Marrinan’s husband, Mike, is a civil rights attorney and her son-in-law, Brad Mills, is completing his Juris Doctorate. Marrinan is a retired San Diego Superior Court Judge. After retirement from a long career on the bench, she worked with the National Association of Drug Court Professionals helping national and international jurisdictions establish drug courts as a restorative justice alternative to imprisonment. She currently serves as Board President of the non-profit Our One Community, which serves the medical and educational needs of the Maasai in North-Eastern Tanzania.

The duties of the Club President include chairing meetings and being the representative and spokesperson for the club. Susan looks forward to meeting the challenges presented to our community during these unprecedented times.

Brian L. Trotier, elected Vice President, has been a resident of Coronado for 18 years and has an undergraduate degree in Administrative Science from Yale University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Cincinnati. He has over 40 years of experience (in both private industry and government) in law, real estate development, property management, investment, corporate finance, distressed asset acquisition, crisis management, sales and marketing, business turnarounds, homelessness issues, and affordable housing. He has served on numerous non-profit boards in leadership positions and currently serves as a board member for the Logan Heights Community Development Corporation. As Vice President, Trotier’s duties include planning programs for the membership and acting in the absence of the President.

Patrick Callahan, the current Treasurer, is an attorney and he and his wife Deb are long-time Coronado residents. Callahan comes from a distinguished Coronado family that has served Coronado for many decades. His name may be familiar because his father, C. Patrick Callahan, served as a Coronado City Council Member and Mayor, from 1974-1984. His father also served on the Coastal Commission and Democratic Party Central Committee. His uncle, Joseph W. Callahan served on the Coronado City Council from 1962 to 1964 and 1967 to 1974. Both his father and his uncle were retired Naval Officers.

Ann Rutherford, current Secretary, moved to Coronado 15 years ago with her Navy pilot husband, Bob. Before taking on the responsibilities of a Navy spouse, her career in Human Resources included Myers Briggs psychological assessment, restaurant training program design, management training, leadership and communication workshops, and motivational speaking. Her college degree is in art history and she has curated art for the Matarango Museum in Ridgecrest, California, and organized charity art auctions in the Central Valley. Working at a local independent bookstore, Bay Books, she was immersed in books for 10 years. Until recently, she was a small business owner dealing in upcycled vintage décor. She has worked in child abuse prevention at the county level, developing programs and answering helplines. Volunteer work has included Wings over America scholarship committee and Chairman of the greater Kings County Navy Relief program. Her only daughter, Madison, attended middle and high school in Coronado and is a San Francisco State graduate working as a magazine editor in Phoenix. Rutherford joined the Coronado Democratic Club to become more than just a bystander in today’s political climate.

For more information about the Coronado Democratic Club or to join, please visit our website, www.coronadodemocrats.com. Follow NadoDems on Facebook and Instagram, or as CoronadoDems on Twitter.

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