Coronado resident Betsy Littrell is set to release her first full-length poetry book, titled “This Woman is Haunted,” which officially comes out Dec. 3. This book features the mansion at Seventh and A in Coronado in both the opening poem and pictures between section breaks.

Renowned poet Ilya Kaminsky has this to say about Littrell’s debut collection: “In ‘This Woman is Haunted,’ Betsy Littrell has created a world we think we know and yet one that surprises us with its nuances and lyric details. Elegies, songs of praise to daily life, meditations and portrait poems here all want to give us a dwelling space, to fortify, to solace, while highlighting that mystery and clarity are our companions, taking on the journey that is this life. Beautiful debut.”

This book explores the secrets that women keep. Using both lyrical and narrative styles, Littrell’s voice is strong and real as she searches for peace through childhood, relationships, womanhood and motherhood. The experiences are often shared universally, but not often spoken about. This honest and unafraid collection dives deep into the haunting that can’t help to rise to the surface, despite the strength of someone trying to push the ghosts away. In the end, there is always hope, and the resiliency of women can lead to joy despite, or perhaps because of, the reality and vulnerability that has shaped them.

Betsy Littrell is a whimsical soccer mom to four boys as well as a writing instructor at San Diego State University, where she received her MFA in Creative Writing. When she’s not writing (or when she is), she enjoys a good cup of tea, a glass of rosé and peaceful moments by the beach with a book in hand. Having grown up in Massachusetts, she is a superstitious Red Sox fan and also cheers for Liverpool soccer. Her work has appeared in several journals, and this is her first full-length poetry collection. She lives in Coronado with her children and chocolate lab.

This book will be available at Bay Books and is also available for pre-order: =1&keywords=this+woman+is+haunted+betsy+littrell&qid=1603237023&sr=8-1

For more information, contact Betsy Littrell at or 360-420-6993.

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