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Coronado High School (CHS) Boys and Girls Soccer, among most other CHS sports, have returned to play. CHS games played at Niedermeyer Field and CHS gymnasium can be live-streamed thanks to high-tech cameras donated to CHS by Coronado FC.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Coronado Football Club (Coronado FC), Coronado High School (CHS) installed high-tech cameras at CHS Niedermeyer Field and the CHS gymnasium allowing games played in these locations to be live-streamed or watched on-demand. Many San Diego area high schools have similar cameras, which allow fans to watch CHS games played in those venues as well.

“The athletes and fans of Coronado High School cannot be more grateful for the generous gift from the Coronado Football Club, these cameras will give a great option to watch our athletes in action wherever and whenever they choose,” said CHS Athletic Director Robin Nixon.

The original intention of the cameras stems from a growing trend among high school and club sports to film games for statistical analysis, as well as to help individual athletes create highlight videos for college recruiters. In pandemic times, the cameras provide an added benefit for CHS sports fans to watch games when COVID-19 regulations limit or do not allow fans in the stands.

“Regulations dictating if fans can attend games, or how many can attend, seem to change almost daily and can be different from one school to another,” said Nixon. “The cameras are a great way for CHS fans to be assured that they can watch any game, home or away, as long as it is part of the network. This also adds a way for out-of-town family members and fans to watch events.”

The cameras, manufactured by Pixelot, use artificial intelligence technology to follow the game action without the need of a live camera operator. The streaming service offered through National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) allows subscribers to watch events live or on-demand. Subscribers can watch any home or away game that is part of the NFHS network which currently includes high schools in Mar Vista, Mission Bay, La Jolla, Serra, and Point Loma, among others.

Fans who want to stream CHS games can purchase a $10.99 monthly or $69.99 annual subscription. The monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time, so fans can choose to subscribe only for the months with sports they are interested in watching. NFHS shares a portion of annual subscription fees with the Islander Sports Foundation to support ongoing sports programs. The subscription service provides several viewing options: online at; through the NFHS network mobile app for iOS and Android; through TV apps for ROKU, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.

A list of CHS games and game times (home and away) available for viewing is found at

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