Racism and hate must never be accepted; especially in our schools where children are entitled to feel safe, valued, and respected. We have important action to take, now, in order to make CUSD a more inclusive and just community.

Last night, the Governing Board directed (agenda item 7.1) the creation of an action plan to initiate systemic change in CUSD with an acknowledgment of urgency. This Action Plan will address issues of equity, diversity, and inclusivity in Coronado Schools. A committee will be established with shareholders from within and outside of our community. The plan will be presented to the Board at our August Board meeting for immediate implementation.

The last several months have been challenging as we have had to adjust to life changes necessitated by COVID-19.

We are carefully reviewing information and consulting with San Diego County public health officials and the San Diego County Office of Education to see how newly released statewide guidance will be applied locally. The CUSD Fall Task Force (FTF) is using this guidance, as well as researching various reopening procedures/protocols/best practices in order to develop our plan. We will submit a survey to our parent community next week relative to our draft reopening plan. The FTF will use this data to refine our reopening strategy. Survey results will also be used to best prepare our campuses, adjust/update class rosters and student schedules, equip our teachers, and purchase both school and safety supplies needed for a safe return.

In summary, our work this summer will focus on:

Getting our staff and students back on campus as safely and quickly as possible, prioritizing and designing district-wide structures to foster inclusive and nondiscriminatory school communities, and strengthening systems which ensure our graduates are ready to assume the challenges and responsibilities of lifelong citizenship.

Enjoy a safe and restful summer, CUSD!

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