Are you home with your kids wondering how you're going to get through this next year of uncertainty around schooling; managing your child's increasing issues of anxiety; handling family discord or financial hardship? These are just a few area that SAFE can provide support to you and your family. We are here for you, but we also need your help.

Please take a minute to share with the City Council how important SAFE's service are to you and the community by submitting a public comment on Agenda Item #10c using the City's online form before 11:00am on Tuesday July 21st.

The City Council will be making decisions on Tuesday, July 21st regarding funding for Coronado SAFE and other organizations in the City's Community Grant Program. There are many factors for them to consider and many fantastic organizations that are doing wonderful things for our community so we know that they will not make these decisions lightly. Coronado SAFE is grateful to be part of such an amazing community and so very appreciative of all the support that the City has given.

The recommendation in the Agenda before the Council on Tuesday, is to reduce SAFE's funding to $75,667 (only 39% of our request and approximately half of what was received from the City last year). A reduction of this magnitude for such a small organization will have a tremendous impact on services going forward. With anxiety levels, depression, drug misuse, family discord and domestic violence on the rise, and more of our community members experiencing increasing levels of financial hardship, SAFE's low cost counseling, programs and services are more critical than ever.

Please take a minute to write to the City Council. Additionally, if you have the capacity to donate to SAFE at this time, your donation will be matched by the Vernetti family, up to $30,000.

Stay safe and if you or someone you know needs support, please have them contact us at 619.478.4066 or

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