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Safe Harbor had another great parenting workshop last week, be sure to join them for the next one on Oct. 18.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I know my child knows what they should do, I know they can do it, so why can’t they just do it?!” or “Why can’t they just try?” Whether it’s school, chores, or extracurriculars, understandably, it can be frustrating to feel stuck as a parent while knowing how great your child can be.

Focusing on this topic last week, Safe Harbor held a dynamic parenting workshop by Fred Becker virtually and in person at the Coronado Public Library. Caregivers and parents left feeling refreshed and empowered with practical tools to try at home right away. If you missed it, don’t worry! Here are three takeaways from the workshop:

“Be the Change” – If you want your children to make changes, you must make changes with yourself and how you parent. Parents must set an example for children to follow.

Build up your child’s confidence by letting them do things on their own. Children find how capable they are by doing things on their own; parents are guides and advisors.

Notice the good in your child. It’s easy to focus on the negative which can often lead to both parents and children feeling discouraged. One way to change your parenting mindset is to make a list of your child’s positive strengths and things they do “right” every day for six months, jot down one thing a day, and never repeating an item. When children sense that they are seen for all the good they do by their parents, they are more encouraged to seek out more positive behaviors and tasks.

Safe Harbor Coronado has access to the tools, resources, and industry professionals you need to navigate the ever-changing landscape of parenting and adolescence. Don’t miss out on the next workshop on Oct 18, “Navigating Parenting in the Digital-Age” with Jon Moffat. For more information go to, sign up for our e-newsletter, and follow us on social media @SafeHarborCoronado to make sure you never miss a Safe Harbor event.

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