Ten of the 2021 San Diego Padres Baseball Team came to the Coronado Lawn Bowling Green on their “Night-Off,” May 20, with wives and significant-others to socialize, relax, and focus on something other than baseball. In addition, most of the Padres present participated in a short lawn bowling tournament. Mary Catherine Melancon worked with Coronado Lawn Bowling Club (CLBC) members to schedule and organize the event. 

Ten Padres who were present for the evening included Mark Melancon, Manny Machado, Craig Stammen, Eric Hosmer, Tim Hill, Austin Nola, Joe Musgrove, Emilo Pagan, Drew Pomeranz, and Austin Adams. Nine players and a wife or significant-other formed two-person teams for a Mini Lawn Bowling Tournament. Drew Pomeranz was present to socialize but was unable to participate in the tournament because of supervising some lovely, noticeably young children. 

After spirited competition, Team Pagan finished in first place with a record of three games won and zero losses. Team Musgrove finished in second place with a record of two wins and one loss. 

Mary Catherine Melancon received the CLBC’s most valuable player (MVP) award for the effort and work she and her family (including three lovely children) did to get the “Night-Off Event” organized and supplied with appetizers and drinks.

Perhaps this relaxing activity helped the players as they proceeded to win the next several baseball games before losing one.

Go Padres!!

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