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Young Entrepreneur Academy Winning Business Brings The “Cool” To Coronado This 4th Of July

by Daniella Lucia Tutino | Posted: Friday, July 3, 2015 2:07 pm

Coronado Chamber of Commerce brought the Young Entrepreneur Academy (YEA) to Coronado for the first time last year and its immediate success lives right inside the High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen. Coronado’s first YEA business, Hang 10 Shaved Ice, opened June 16 and was founded by recent Coronado High School (CHS) graduate Jerry Nutter and Coronado Middle School (CMS) student Treg Miller.

YEA is an after school program open to students from grades 6-12 that harnesses students’ creative ideas and turns them into a real successful small business. It also provides them with all of the support a new business might need including legal advice, graphic designers, business mentors along with many other resources including the chance to present their business model to a panel of investors.

The academy was first founded in 2004 at the University of Rochester and in 2011, the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation became a national sponsor and partner. YEA continues to grow and find homes in 57 other communities like Coronado and has a presence in 25 states.

When Nutter first heard about the opportunity to become a young entrepreneur, the question of applying was a no brainer. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Nutter was excited to follow in his parents’ foot steps, “I like what they do—being my own boss, making my own hours. So that’s why I decided to do it.” Despite his parents ‘entrepreneurial success, Nutter remains unique by starting a business in the food industry whereas his father, Jerry “T.J.” Nutter, founded Nutter Custom Construction and his mother, Renee Nutter, founded the Nutter Family Foundation.

Another young budding entrepreneur was just as ready for a chance at owning his own business at the ripe age of 12. Nutter and Miller met at YEA with two separate business ideas. Nutter was dreaming of smoothies while Miller was drooling over the idea of deliciously cool shaved ice. “Smoothies are good but you can already find those on island while the closest place to get shaved ice is thirty minutes away,” Miller said. Just another typical case of 12-year-old supply and demand logic.

At the end of the day, Nutter and Miller found that they made a great team and went forward with the idea of shaved ice with the goal of producing the “perfect” shaved ice anyone in Coronado had ever had.

Nutter worked towards that goal by conducting in depth research on quality ice shaving machines, syrups, toppings—every last detail. “I tried to put the best of the best into our product,” Nutter said. Most people, a mixture of tourists and locals, on Yelp would say that the young businessmen succeeded.

One tourist by the name of Harley M. posted, “I was in town visiting from Phoenix. I stopped in for Tiger’s Blood shaved ice and it was Amazing! The ice was perfect, so was the flavoring. Looking forward to going back.  Would highly recommend stopping in.”

The boys developed a business plan that impressed the investors’ panel and they were granted with the maximum amount of $3,500 to start their business.

When asked how it felt to be 12 and own his very own business, Miller simply said, “It’s pretty cool. A lot of people are surprised when they find out.”

Hang 10 Shaved Ice has 10 flavors: Watermelon, Blue Razz, Root Beer, Bubblegum, Strawberry, Blue Vanilla, Coconut, Tiger’s Blood, Cherry and Cake Batter. Their most famous flavors are Blue Razz and Tiger’s Blood that consists of a combination of Watermelon, Strawberry, and Coconut. In addition, they also have three toppings: Sour Spray, Snow Cap and Li Hing Mui Powder. Snow Cap is sweetened condensed milk that is poured on top to make the ice nice and creamy. Li Hing Mui Powder is a Hawaiian powder made of dried plums, which makes the ice both sweet and salty. All shaved ice comes in one size but there are two specific ways to order them: the Shredder and the Hang 10. The Shredder includes up to three flavors and any or all toppings. The Hang 10 is the mother load; it includes all flavors and all toppings.

If the fancy menu isn’t enough to intimidate any future business owner, these boys are fully equipped with everything ranging from business cards to custom napkin holders. They also are eco-friendly with biodegradable cups and are already widely known for quality customer service. You might see them going out to the outdoor seating area to see if anyone needs any extra toppings or syrup when the line is manageable. 

Whether Hang 10 will continue after summer during the school year when tourism season dies down is to be determined as Nutter heads off to San Diego State University to study Computer Engineering with an anticipated change to Business Administration and as Miller starts the eighth grade at CMS. However, they will be available to bring Hang 10 to you at your events and definitely hope to make an appearance again next summer. For now, Nutter and Miller are excited and ready for the Fourth of July. Nothing goes better with hot weather than shaved ice. 

For more information, stop by for a quick shaved ice at High Tide Bottle Shop & Kitchen on Orange Ave. or visit their website at

For more information about joining the YEA, visit the Coronado Chamber of Commerce’s website at Applications for this upcoming school year will be available online soon.