Miss going out for breakfast with your family or friends? We all do, but in the meantime to support local businesses and give our families a sense of normalcy we can order our favorite breakfast, pick it up and eat it at home.

Although some eateries are closed, there are still choices in Coronado which are at different ends of town giving us an excuse to drive and get out of the house for a while, maybe even run into people you know while exchanging some words at a safe distance. It truly is a treat to order out so you can have a relaxing meal and no dishes afterwards. Calypso Café, Café 1134 and Tartine are local hang outs that have stayed open for take out and continue to offer their delicious dishes.

Calypso Café in the Cays is a popular spot with Cays residents. Breakfast was always a busy time for owner Hanan Martha before the coronavirus outbreak. Now it has slowed down, she said. Martha first opened Calypso as a coffee cart, eventually expanding it into a full Mediterranean inspired restaurant. Calypso also sells some grocery items, too, so her customers don’t have travel far to get them. If you have kids they will definitely love the Buttermilk Pancakes or Chocolate Chip Pancakes at Calypso. For a light or non egg breakfast try the Lox Bagel or just a Bagel with cream cheese or Oatmeal Bowl. If you feel like eating a large breakfast try the Huevos Rancheros - two fried eggs on corn tortillas topped with salsa, cheese and side of black beans. There are a lot of other choices at Calypso like omelettes which come in many varieties like the Garden Scramble or The Greek made with spinach, tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta served with potatoes and pita bread. Breakfast sandwiches include the Benedict Muffin with a fried egg, steak ham and hollandaise sauce and Burrito made with ham, potatoes eggs, house salsa and cheese. Order a coffee drink to go with your breakfast.

Café 1134, owned by a mother-daughter duo, is the locals’ favorite place to have breakfast and it’s also where, if you are a regular, the employees behind the counter already know what drink you want. Café 1134 has been the place where people bring the computer and work there, friends meet for coffee or a meal.

While we can’t do any of those things, we can still enjoy their foods and drinks. Café 1134 is an eatery where you can’t go wrong with any of their choices. If you are very hungry try the Breakfast Sandwich made with scrambled eggs, cheddar, Swiss or jack cheese on your choice of toasted bagel or baguette. You can add ham, bacon or turkey. If you are in for a treat order the Belgian Waggle with powdered sugar and served with maple syrup. You can also add fruit to the dish. Egg Scramblers served with fruit or potatoes and sliced baguette come in number of choices like American with ham and cheese and Myconos, red onions, feta and basil. From the egg burritos or omelettes side of the menu, the Mexicano is one of the more popular dishes. The Mexicano is made with eggs, sautéed soy chorizo, red onions, bell peppers, potatoes, feta cheese and avocado. Quiche is also available is served with fresh fruit. For a lighter choice you can order Oatmeal which comes with dried fruits brown sugar or Fruit Parfait or Granola or Mueslix served with milk or yogurt for a healthier choice. Gluten free and vegan pastries are available and are made by locally owned Gluten Free Baking Co. Don’t forget to order a coffee or espresso drink or a tea (they have a large variety) to go with your breakfast.

Tartine has been open since 2001. This European café was the first such eatery of its style in Coronado. During this time of COVID-19 Tartine has adapted and the staff will bring your order curbside if you don’t feel comfortable getting out of the car.

The Breakfast menu at Tartine is simple, yet delicious. It also includes an all day menu, so if you love quiche you can have it in the morning. The same goes for the Cheese Tray. Epi Bread is a typical European choice served with butter and homemade raspberry jelly. I have had this dish a number of times and you never get tired of it. Other choices are House Made granola served with fresh fruit and milk or plain yogurt, a Bowl of Oatmeal with dried cranberries and brown sugar, perfect for cooler mornings or even try a Toasted Ciabatta roll with cream cheese. Under the All Day menu a filling dish is the Bacon Panino made with bacon, tomato and gruyere; or spinach, tomato and Gruyere cheese served with fruit or mixed greens.

Tartine serves a variety of coffee drinks and teas.

During this time of uncertainty and waiting, treat yourself - and enjoy the dishes made by your favorite eatery. Call ahead and enjoy the drive followed by your favorite breakfast.

Calypso Café, 505 Grand Caribe Causeway. Call 619-423-5144.

Café 1134, 1134 Orange Avenue. Call 619-437-1134.

Tartine, 1106 First Street. Call 619-435-4323.

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