As part of the new normal during the pandemic, take out and food delivery directly to your home have become more and more popular. Recently, Ricochino, a company that makes premium taco delivery kits based out of Tent City restaurant, has made its debut in Coronado.

Started by five partners who include Tent City owner Alberto Mestre, Ricochino is under the umbrella of Rico Squad, a restaurant consulting firm. One of Ricochino partners, Preston Cobb explained that the idea of the taco kit delivered to your home started after COVID-19 - which caused restaurants to first close and then operate under strict rules. “Restaurants are facing problems, some people are afraid of eating at restaurants,” he said.

Cobb and the partners, who are all friends and work in the restaurant business, have noticed the popularity of meal kits in general. Cobb explained that some of them are just providing the ingredients - basically doing the grocery shopping for you - and you still have to make the time to cook the meal. On the other hand, Ricochino cooks for you and all you have to do is heat up the food. “This is already done. We are preparing and delivering it to your door,” he explained.

Ricochino is only offering pork based kits at this time. Customers can chose from two choices: Carnitas or Al Pastor. A four people Al Pastor Taco kit comes with fresh spit grilled pork, and one side of your choice: refried beans, Mexican corn salad or Mexican rice; four corn tortillas, chopped cilantro, diced onions and a whole lime. If you plan on having guests or have a bigger family you can also order a kit for 6, 8 or 10.

Customers can pick up the kit from the back door of Tent City or chose delivery. Ricochino will deliver up to a 15 miles distance.

Jesse Rosenthal, another Ricochino partner, explained that this concept is a part of the future of dining. He said Ricochino allows customers to plan early in the day for their dinner. If you are getting ready to go to work in the morning, order the kit and once it arrives, all you do is place it in the fridge until five minutes before you are ready to eat.

I had the opportunity to try the kit and I found it both easy and delicious. I got the kit in the afternoon and when I got home I placed it in the fridge. When my family was ready to eat dinner, it only took a few minutes and our meal was ready. We tried both choices, Al Pastor and Carnitas, which were equally tasty. The meats were placed in sealed pouches as was the Mexican rice, onions and cilantro. The tortillas were vacuum sealed. The hot sauce and the refried beans came in mason jars - a nice touch - and the other sauces in little bags packed as hot chili peppers. We also had cheese toppings for the beans. A few Mexican candies were placed in the box as well, for something sweet at the end. The kit comes with heating instructions. Although stove top heating is preferred, diners can heat their meal in the microwave by venting the bags.

Currently Ricochino offers delivery from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and is looking to expand their hours.

“We use super fresh, quality ingredients. The recipes are really traditional. We’re not reinventing the wheel,” said Rosenthal. He pointed out that often when you order take out, once you get home, tacos are not very good and can be soggy. Ricochino has solved that problem because you get to assemble the food yourself. “[Tacos are] the most popular dish. We can give people the experience of eating tacos from the place they love, but doing it at home,” he said.

The partners plan to expand into cocktails that are delivered with the kits, like margarita mixes, and large taco kits for parties.

For more information or to order log on or check out Ricochino on Instagram.

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