Querida Costa Open In The Cays ...

Ana Travé Yvern is the owner of a new boutique in the Coronado Cays which sells Pearl & Caviar dresses designed and made in Greece.

Style and comfort don’t always go together but it can happen. Just check out Querida Costa, a new women’s clothing store recently opened in the Cays. Ana Travé Yvern is the owner of the new store which has introduced to the U.S. the Pearl & Caviar brand, a holiday lifestyle collection designed and made in Greece.

Travé Yvern was already an entrepreneur and co-owns two beachwear boutiques in Puerto Vallarta, when she traveled to the island of Mykonos, Greece and discovered Pearl & Caviar, a brand that highlights Grecian-chic culture and elements of architecture and design.

The dresses created by Pearl & Caviar fit any body shape for a chic result. She found out women love the style through first hand experience. While in Mykonos she bought a Pearl & Caviar dress and a beach purse. When she came back to Coronado she received many positive comments. In fact people stopped her in the street to ask where she bought the dress she was wearing. That’s when she knew she was on to something. “I contacted the company within 4 to 5 months [after coming back from the trip],” she said. The company representatives told her they were going to open a showroom in New York but she knew that city is far away from California and Mexico. She struck a deal with Pearl & Caviar and she became the representative for the U.S. and Mexico.

Part of the deal with Pearl & Caviar was that Travé Yvern had to sell 600 pieces in one year. That was not a problem since she sold 2,500 instead. As a distributor she first started working out of her home but with time she felt she needed a separate space. Between her online store, she opened this past March, and the Instagram account she spread the word and now has made Pearl & Caviar dresses a hot item.

By opening Querida Costa about two weeks ago, Travé Yvern can continue selling online but her customers can also have the experience of trying on the dresses. Querida Costs carries mostly Pearl & Caviar dresses, beach bags and a few other brands of cover ups, jewelry and, soon, bathing suits

“The prints are so original, the fabric is 100 percent cotton. They are very flattering but also comfortable. You can wear them to the beach, on a boat, while traveling with sneakers or sandals or wear wedges and go to dinner and dress them up a little bit,” she explained.

Travé Yvern also pointed out that now that women are staying more at home because of the pandemic, they can wear one of the Pearl & Caviar dresses and feel a bit more stylish.

Travé Yvern chose the Cays location for Querida Costa because it’s close to her home. She is a mom of three children and lives in the Cays and the store is two minutes away from her home, which makes it convenient.

Travé Yvern said Pearl & Caviar has been in the market for five years and is sold at Bloomingdales in Dubai, stores in South Africa, Italy, Spain and South Africa and has made appearances at fashion shows in Belgium and Paris. Her store also sells Pajarolima Columbian jewelry which complement the dresses.

Querida Costa is currently offering a 20 percent discount.

Querida Costa, 5050 Grand Caribe Causeway, Suite C. Call 619-952-3543. To shop online log on queridacosta.com. To see more check out the store’s Instagram account at queridacostashop.

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