The Return Of A Popular Duo ...

Jason West (left) and Luis Madrid at the Coronado Coffee Company at the Ferry Landing. Luis, former owner of Café Madrid, the coffee cart outside Bay Books, and Jason are now at the helm of both the coffee kiosk and Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q, located practically next door at the Landing.

With the stay at home order and many restaurants having switched their operations to take out only, it’s time to support favorite eateries or try new ones.

On a recent Saturday during the stay at home order, a number of people were spending time at the Ferry Landing while keeping the 6-foot distance, which is the norm theses days. Some were biking, looking at the bay, or walking while others were ordering coffee at the Coronado Coffee Company kiosk and waiting for their take out order from Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q.

The big surprise is that Luis Madrid, former owner of Café Madrid, the coffee cart outside Bay Books, and Jason West are now at the helm of both the coffee kiosk and Lil’ Piggy’s, located practically next door at the Landing.

Madrid was behind the counter making drinks and saying hello to his former customers who are now coming to the Ferry Landing to have their favorite coffee. Madrid owned Cafe’ Madrid for the past 27 years until a few months ago.

“We’ve been so busy. We love the locals who come in here. It’s good to see all of our locals,” said Madrid who has been at the Landing for the past two weeks.

Cole Lindsay is one of the customers who before the stay at home order, went to Lil’ Piggy’s with his co-workers at lunch on a regular basis. Now that he can’t sit down at the restaurant he does take out. Lindsay said the night before, he had ordered take out from Lil’ Piggy’s and he was back again for his favorite dish, Smoked Piggy Poppers - an appetizer made with fresh jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon and smoked tender. He said another of his favorite dishes is the brisket. After ordering, he walked to the kiosk to order a coffee while he waited for his food.

Lil’ Piggy’s first opened in 2008 by David Spatafore who traveled through many Southern states and tasted many different dishes that inspired the menu of the restaurant. Memphis-style was chosen for the Coronado restaurant, which means that most of the dishes are pork based. At Piggy’s meats are cooked slowly, smoked for many hours on low temperatures. The restaurant offers two styles of baby backs - wet, which means the sauce is applied at the end of the smoking process, and dry with sauce served on the side.

Right now Lil’ Piggy’s is offering a $35 special which feeds up to 4 people. The eatery’s popular Tennessee Street Tacos previously on special on Tuesdays for $5 are now available every day and can be ordered as mix and match with choices of pork, chicken or brisket topped with Mexican slaw, tangy bbq creamy and fresh cilantro. The three Combos are also very popular. They are served with two sides and white bread.

Under the Fun and Funky part of the menu, try the BBQ Cali Burrito, a mix of Mexican and Southern goodness made with French fries, brisket, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. Another filling dish is the Texas Potato, a one pound hickory smoked potato topped with smoked pulled pork, chicken, sausage or brisket chili and Piggy’s cheese sauce, sour cream, bbq sauce, bacon and green onions.

So if you feel like having coffee or tea while you wait for your take out order stop by the Coronado Coffee Company.

During this visit the kiosk had a steady stream of customer waiting in line to order or pick up drinks that were respecting the six feet distance.

Sara Stillman with her sister and friend were at the coffee cart. She had recently heard Madrid was at the kiosk. “Growing up in Coronado, I’ve been to Luis’ cart forever. It’s part of my life. They have the best coffee in town…Jason makes one of the best lattes in town people call ‘The Jason.’ It’s phenomenal… The frozen mocha is the gold standard of coffee,” she said.

Stillman has also enjoyed Lil’ Piggy’s over the years. “When I need barbecue I go there,” she said.

Her sister Marlee agreed and said she loves the sides like slaw and mac-n-cheese and the barbecue sauce in general.

Coronado Coffee Company’s popular drinks include the Mexican Mocha made with Ibarra chocolate, Chai tea, and frozen drinks. Madrid said that starting this week the kiosk will offer Bread and Cie pastries. The kiosk offers Cafe’ Calabria Coffees, Tazo and Stash teas. The kiosk also serves Acai Bowls, Chia Pudding, Bova Teas, Cold Brews and Kryptonite, a mint infused west bean brew.

“I’m really excited to be here,” said Madrid.

Piggy’s Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. everyday, open until 8 p.m. on weekends.

Coronado Coffee Company: Hours:7 a.m. to 7 p.m. everyday.

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