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Coronadan Jim Plumb and partner Ralph Fascitelli model some of the products offered by their innovative company Fore! Sixty. Fore! Sixty offers curated, age-appropriate products and relevant guidance from a team of experts including golf coaches Hall of Fame inductee Mike Wydra.

An innovative new website was launched last Friday that is dedicated to enhancing the golf game for over 10 million mature, U.S. golfers. Fore! Sixty offers curated, age-appropriate products and relevant guidance from a team of experts including golf coaches Hall of Fame inductee Mike Wydra.

Fore! Sixty was created by two 60-something successful entrepreneurs, Jim Plumb and Ralph Fascitelli with strong athletic backgrounds and an ongoing, albeit often “one way,” love affair with the game of golf.

“All of us baby boomers have to sooner or later face the fact that the par fours we used to easily reach with a driver and a seven iron are often a bridge too far to reach in regulation,” said Coronado native and co-founder Plumb.

Plumb, the youngest of five Plumb siblings whose parents moved to Coronado in 1946, showed me most of the products being offered. The line-up of age-appropriate gear are selected for their high quality and value. This includes low-compression DUO Soft golf balls from Wilson and a 13-degree lofted driver from Tour Edge. Both will enable golfers to drive the ball farther. They have oversized grips to battle those of us with arthritic hands. Also available is a high bounce 60 degree+ wedge for optimal forgiveness.

On the site: you will see golf bags, light weight bag caddies, range finders, and high SPF clothing to combat skin cancer. In fact, the company is partnering with the American Melanoma Association to promote skin health. They have launched a “Scrap the Cap” Campaign to encourage wide brim sports hats verses baseball caps on the links.

Fore! Sixty’s “resident pro” is legendary 60-something former University of California San Diego Coach and Golf Coaches of America Hall of Fame inductee Mike Wydra. Wydra coached the UCSD golf team for over 30 years and 21 times had them qualify for the NCAA Championship including the national Division III title in ’93. Wydra is known for his holistic approach to the game of golf including proper nutrition and fitness. Wydra provides a variety of written and video instruction and holds a critical vote on all product decisions. 

Fore! Sixty is the go-to site for passionate golfers who want to do everything reasonably possible to improve their game and who value the convenience of a forum focused on the unique needs of seasoned golfers. It includes interactive discussion, expert instruction, and pertinent, agnostic product selection. Their mission is to inform, educate and motivate the 10 million men and women golfers on the best ways to counteract the compromises of longevity to optimize their scores and enjoyment of their favorite pastime. Think of it as an online clubhouse where you not only shop but interact with experts on everything from course management to nutrition, fitness, and pain management.

Good luck Jim Plumb and team in helping us baby boomers boom that ball farther, stay on the course and not the doctor’s office, and find our grove without breaking our 401(k)s.

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