The Coronado City Council recently adopted an administrative policy to eliminate or reduce off-street parking requirements for retail and personal service establishments with adjunct counter-oriented eating and drinking services. The policy allows these types of retail establishments with up to 250 square feet of customer area to operate without providing off-street parking. Those with more than 250 square feet of customer area are required to provide off-street parking at a ratio of one space per 100 square feet. The viability of traditional brick and mortar retail uses has significantly declined with the popularity of online shopping. It is now common for drug stores, beauty salons, liquor stores, and book stores to sell prepared sandwiches and beverages in addition to their customary wares to remain competitive. The new policy recognizes the expanding gray area between full-service, counter-oriented, and hybrid eating and drinking establishments and the challenges of enforcing a one-size-fits-all parking requirement.

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