Of all the muscular skeletal pains which Americans suffer from, almost half can be attributed to neck pains. Over $86 billion is spent per year to treat neck pain sufferers. This number is quite astonishing but not surprising. With the advent of new technologies such as cellphones, tablets, and laptops, people are straining their necks due to look at devices at an angle that puts severe stress on the neck, sometimes 50 pounds or more!

Aside from technology usage, neck pains can also arise from holding your body in prolonged, uncomfortable positions sitting, sleeping or standing. They can also arise from awkward reaching, pushing or pulling with your arms.

Many symptoms such as stiffness, pain moving the head, radiating discomforts from the neck to the shoulder, and pains down the arm can occur by overuse or worse, by a traumatic force, such as from a fall or a car accident.

What you can do: Self-treatment is possible through taking anti-inflammatory medication or supplements, improved posturing (sitting, standing or sleeping) or common gentle stretches and exercises. If symptoms worsen, you may need to consult with your doctor. Treatment courses often include prescription drugs such as steroids or muscle relaxers to address inflammation more aggressively. Investigating tools such as x-rays and/or MRIs can also help pinpoint the problem. A referral to a specialist may be necessary to reduce localized inflammation by applying a spinal injection.

What else can be done? An alternative would be Physical Therapy (PT) treatments. Therapists will address muscular skeletal imbalances and postural changes and incorporate neuro-muscular re-education. PTs can assist with the changes of mechanical stress to the neck and upper back regions by using skilled manual muscle and joint techniques (RTM myofascial release and joint mobilizations) and restore a strong foundation of balanced muscle pulley systems (RTM therapeutic exercises). Even more importantly we teach and guide neck and upper back sufferers to change motion and postural behaviors to prevent potential injury in the future. Our PTs use relaxing and pain-relieving modalities such as traction, cold laser, electro-stimulation, and ice and heat treatments.

More Information: Our upcoming free workshop provided by results rehabilitation and hosted by me, is free to the public will allow you to gain more insight into how pain occurs, how misuse of certain physical structures can cause neck pain, motion restrictions you may experience, and what methods can be used to treat and alleviate pain!

For further information, please contact  at 619-437-6450 or sign up at www.resultsrehab.com/workshops/.

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