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Please welcome to Coronado par excellence Le Parfait Paris. This delicious pastry shop located in Ferry Landing is the creative genius of owners Guillaume and Ludivine “Ludi” Ryon. The shop opened on April 12 and is the fifth location for the talented couple.

As a self-proclaimed “foodie,” living in Coronado is like having the keys to the candy store with its incredible selection of restaurants. When there is a new addition to the gourmet list, I want to be the first in line to support our local businesses and benefit from the delectable delights.

Please welcome to Coronado par excellence Le Parfait Paris. This delicious pastry shop located in Ferry Landing is the creative genius of owners Guillaume and Ludivine “Ludi” Ryon. The shop opened on April 12 and is the fifth location for the talented couple. “We always wanted to be part of the Coronado community,” said Guillaume. “We have been waiting four years for the right spot to become available and when it did, we were so happy to finally be here.”

The opening of the Coronado location as well as their other shops is not just a whim for the pair. Guillaume grew up in West Africa and then his family moved to France in 2003. He first attended law school in France, migrated to the U.S. and attended University of San Diego Business School, while playing rugby and football. Ludi attended a culinary arts school in France as well as educating herself in restaurant management. The couple met in France in 2007 and were together in the U.S. by 2008. Their perfect backgrounds melded together to bring the gift of incredible pastries to the lucky people of Southern California.

“We work really well together,” said Ludi. “I take care of the operations, supplies, team hiring and training, and sales growth.”

“Even though she is my better half in this business, I am responsible for construction, design, scouting and outward growth of our business,” said Guillaume. It enables us to use my banking background, her culinary talents and our insistence on the perfection of our products for a successful combination.”

When you walk into Le Parfait Paris you feel as if you have been transported to a small and intimate bakery. The smells and the portraits of the items in front of you immediately begins a discussion of which treat is coming home. The beauty of this patisserie is their wide-ranging selection. “We offer pastries, macarons, fresh breads, gelato, crepes, sandwiches, and coffees,” said Ludi. After further conversation about what their patrons can choose from, their commitment to creating the perfect product for new and repeat customers is very evident. “Quality of our ingredients is our priority,” said Ludi. “My husband and I grew up in Europe surrounded by great food and people coaching us to never cut back on what goes into our pastries.”

“This is a lesson we have carried to all of our products and locations.”

“You will notice the flavors in our pastries because of the ingredients that we use and how all are prepared fresh each day,” said Guillaume. Even gluten became part of this conversation. Gluten is at the forefront today related to allergies and healthier eating. “There is a very small percentage of gluten in our products,” said Ludi. “It is a natural process for us because the lack of gluten allows us to produce a pastry that is light and full of natural flavors that you will notice with each bite”.

With three additional locations in San Diego and one in Anaheim, the Coronado location brings a local flair that Islanders can be proud of. “We have had staffing issues in all of our shops since COVID,” said Ludi. “Coronado has been the easiest place for us to hire an excellent team.”

“We have a combination of students from Coronado and Imperial Beach high schools. They have all been good applicants, they want to work, are willing to learn, are respectful, honest, and even ask for more hours,”said Ludi. “It has not been an easy time for anyone needing to hire people to work at their business, but the team in Coronado, along with the support of their parents has been incredible.” We have found the kids here to be a great foundation selling our desserts and helping our customers and we truly appreciate it.”

When the Ryon’s studied opening a Coronado location, they realized there were a lot of factors involved that combined tourism, locals and the military. They were positives this culinary team wanted to embrace and it has paid off in a short period of time. “Our location at Ferry Landing immediately provided us with a group of locals that wanted to know when we opened. They planned on making us part of their morning walk,” said Ludi. “We love that we are located near some of the beautiful retirement communities, and that we get to wish them good morning on the early part of their walk through Ferry Landing,” said Ludi.

“Locals are happy to find us open early on this side of the island and their support has been friendly and meaningful to us,” said Guillaume. “Coronado is as if the Care Bears made a town.”

Know when you enter this patisserie that there are endless treats to choose from. They are known for their macarons and desserts, and their number one seller is called the “Signature Cake.” Their breakfast sandwich is quickly becoming a must-have and the lines out front are proving that word is getting around and you must become part of the fan club. As someone who has traveled and tried macarons in any place that offered them, I have never been a fan. In fact, I have never even finished one. Considering that research is a must for all of my articles, I ventured into waters I’d rather not swim in and reluctantly tried one of Le Parfait Paris number one sellers. I now see what the fuss is all about. They were light, flavorful and satisfied all of my cravings!

Le Parfait Paris offers many avenues through which you can satisfy your sweet tooth. You can visit their store, use online ordering for pickup, place specialty cake orders, and even take advantage of catering services offered for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and gender reveals.

Their Coronado location is located at 1201 First Street in Ferry Landing. You can reach them at 619-245-4457 or www.parfaitparis.com. Hours currently are 7a.m. to 9p.m. with possible expansion of hours for the summer. There is quaint patio seating for their patrons right outside the shop and Military discounts are offered.

“We are proud to finally be a part of Coronado and get to know the people we are serving,”said Ludi and Guillaume. “Tourism is important to us too but local support is invaluable,” said Ludi.

If you have any question about taking the plunge and treating yourself to anything and everything at Le Parfait Paris, take time to go to their website and read the reviews from happy customers. “Amazing, authentic fresh desserts, decadent, beautifully displayed, employees friendly and helpful, line out the door worth the wait”…insider tip: they give samples of fresh “broken” macarons. See you in line!

VOL. 112, NO. 18 - May 4, 2022

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