Starting 2021 Strong ...

Running is a great way to get in shape and stay active!

As we hope for a better 2021, you may have made a resolution to take better care of your body. I’ve personally struggled over the years with keeping up on my resolutions, and often don’t follow through. As this new year approaches, I’m more motivated than ever to feel better physically, lose some weight, and get back to a fitness level which I’ve experienced in the past. 

Exercise and Nutrition 

One of the biggest traps I’ve fallen into is thinking my aging and previously injured body (now 58) would be able to handle similar exercises I have performed in the past. This includes playing badminton, running, swimming, walking, hiking, and general exercises for strength and flexibility. Although they helped me to a certain extent, unfortunately my body was not able to take the introduction of new stressors, the way it used to when I was in my 20s.

One example is to think of the good old-fashion exercises we all know and love including sit ups, planks, squats, lunges, etc. If you don’t know of a way to use your body correctly without inducing pain, you may quickly give up when you start experiencing aches and pains triggered by improper form. Even worse! You may want to give up on working out altogether, perpetuating the cycle which leaves you unable to get in the best shape of your life!

Another example is trying to increase your walking and jogging activities. As you reminisce about the old days, we think by simply starting to jog again, the body will just accept that change from doing nothing to running, not paying attention to the fact that we have not engaged in this type of movement for years!

You may have enjoyed yoga in the past and would like to participate in a standard class, however you recognize your wrists, arms, and shoulders cannot take the increasing pressure anymore. Discouraged and frustrated, you cannot tolerate those demanding positions as you may have been able to in your youth.

As a result, some questions surface: How do we exercise without causing more problems in our musculoskeletal system? How do we exercise in progression so that we would not get hurt? How can we return to those activities we are used to? We generally adapt well to our changing environment and circumstances, yet we often struggle to apply this concept into our body-movement awareness and exercises.  

Knowledge is a tremendous tool to help you build an exercise routine which is helpful. You can always look for people who are very skilled and can give you advice in a personalized and progressive exercise regimen. Knowledge about food is tremendously helpful in conjunction with your exercise routine. Recognizing how many calories you are burning per day and how many calories you are putting into your body seems to be the simplest way of keeping track of how you can lose some unneeded weight.

In writing this article, the irony in suggesting diet plans does not escape me. Patients who have known me for many years have respected me for my skill and mastery as a physical therapist, yet probably would not take my word for any nutritional advice. The past couple of months, I have taken steps to improve my eating habits and change my caloric intake while reducing my sugar consumption (I’m such a sweet tooth) and adding a healthier combination of carbohydrates and protein to my meal plan. Strangely enough, I did not make any resolutions. I just knew that I had to lose weight and exercise more without causing pain.

Thanks to my extensive knowledge about the body and physical activity, I was able to adapt my exercise routine using the Results Fitness Method and the appropriate nutrition, which combined created results which I would’ve never thought possible in a very short period!

For 2021, Andreas Schenk: owner of Results Physical Therapy and the whole Results Team here in Coronado wish you all the best to find a healthier lifestyle! If you would like to learn more about how to exercise without getting hurt, please contact us at 619-437-6450 or visit us a

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