Happy Holidays Video Contest ...

Lamb’s Players cast members Kim Miller, Cynthia Gerber and Amanda Graham Hyden play a starring role in the Coronado Chamber’s Happy Holidays video. You can also enjoy Lamb’s Christmas Concert, now streaming on demand for $30 per household at https://www.lambsplayers.org

Forty-three local businesses deliver festive messages in the Coronado Chamber’s joy-inducing Happy Holidays video, but only one of those businesses passes the mistletoe-accented sign from right-to-left. The Chamber invited eagle-eyed viewers to spot the switch in the direction and name the location for a bumper prize.

All entrants gave the correct answer - Nado Republic passed against the flow to Lamb’s Players - but Kathleen Rosania was the lucky winning name drawn from the hat.

“I live just off Orange Avenue so I am familiar with many of the friendly local business owners but it was lovely to see the variety of new faces and personalities in the video!”

Rosania is committed to supporting local and just enjoyed the most delicious Thanksgiving feast from Little Frenchie. “Now we are studying the Christmas menus - it’s such a treat not to cook!”

Rosania wins a Coronado-Opoly Board Game, Orange Ave Keychain, Orange Ave Beach Towel and a Crown City License Plate. Total value $100.

Each item is available for purchase from the Chamber at 1125 Tenth Street or by calling 619-435 9260. Free delivery is available in the 92118 zip code area.

You can view the video for yourself at: coronadochamber.com/happy-holidays-video And don’t miss the Blooper Reel - it’s the perfect holiday pick-me-up!

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