2021 marks the 50th Anniversary for Elite Escrow Services of San Diego, located in three locations, central San Diego, Point Loma, and Coronado. The company was formed in 1971 by Dora and Frank Beck, providing escrow services to the greater San Diego Area. Continuing the legacy created by the Becks, current owners Genia Engelstad and Karen Viens purchased the company in 1979.

Elite Escrow Services is a full service, licensed, and independent escrow company and provides only escrow services as a true neutral third party to the real estate transaction. The company’s mission is to provide escrow services with integrity, accuracy, and superior customer service.

Elite Escrow Services is a woman-owned company, run by Genia Engelstad and Karen Viens and staffed by Escrow Officers, Escrow Assistants, support staff, a marketing director, and a sales team. The company currently employs 33 employees.

“Our success is about the people who are behind their desks doing the work each and every day,” Engelstad said. “We have faced tough times in our economy while I have been with Elite, but during the pandemic in 2020 we didn’t slow down. It was great to see how our team members didn’t skip a beat in their service to our clients… We stayed focused on the fact that we help people buy or sell a house, whether it’s moving up or downsizing, whatever the case may be, we can help someone.”

In honor of this milestone, the company is launching a new branding video highlighting, “50 Years in the Making,” along with its mission and dedication to the communities it serves, including local charities such as the Alpha Project and various real estate and escrow organizations. As well, the company will be featured in an article in the real estate publication, San Diego Real Producers Magazine.

Over the past 50 years, Elite Escrow Services has grown by consistently expanding their education, skills, and technology to serve a variety of clients. Involvement in the California Escrow Association and Escrow Institute of California has ensured the company stays informed of changing policies and best business practices. With impeccable leadership, dedicated employees, and the trust of loyal clients and affiliates, Elite Escrow Services hopes to continue their legacy for another 50 years.

“Thank you to our customers, partners, and community here in San Diego for being part of our success for 50 years,” said Engelstad.

Elite Escrow Services currently handles various types of escrows, and the staff operates under the highest ethical and professional standards. Elite Escrow Services mission statement is, “Experience the Elite Difference.” To learn more about Elite Escrow Services please visit: www.EliteEscrowServices.com.

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