Dress (Your Table) For Dinner ...

Provencal lavender, a Bonjour vase and a French Bulldog enhance the dining experience at Clayton’s Bakery & Bistro. What details will you choose for your table? An imaginative touch could help win you a $100 gift card to the Coronado restaurant of your choice.

Do you have a drawer full of plastic silverware from all the take-out you have ordered during the pandemic? Are you now in the habit of eating directly from the cardboard box or plastic tray in a bid to enjoy your food while it’s still warm? Do you miss the coziness of a booth or a candlelit nook with real tablecloths and condiments that don’t come in disposable packets? There is a way to continue supporting local restaurants but have a more elegant experience while also staying safe. And you can win a $100 gift card to the Coronado restaurant of your choice while doing it!

To celebrate the launch of CoronadoFoodHall.com, the Coronado Chamber of Commerce and the City of Coronado bring you the Dress (Your Table) For Dinner contest!

First decide which Coronado restaurant you will order take-out from, then come up with a theme or color or design concept from one of these three categories:

Kids’ Choice: If you let your child/children set the dinner table any way they wanted, what special additions would they make? Would everyone get a fork? Could they create an artistic centerpiece with their crayon or paintbox? Let their imaginations run wild!

Date Night: What is your idea of romance? Candlelight and rosepetals or something quirky that would make your partner smile? You could choose a table display in their favorite color or theme it to reflect the cuisine’s country of origin, from a Roman Holiday to a Greek Wedding!

My Style: For this one you have free rein to express your personal style. Perhaps you have a gift for flower arranging or you never get to use your ‘good’ dinnerware or crystal glassware - now you have a reason! From sleek monochrome modern to breezy beach casual, the choice is yours!

For further inspiration check out 80 local restaurant options at www.CoronadoFoodHall.com.

This is such a fun way to be creative and make a special memory. Style your table, order your take-out and then photograph the ensemble before chowing down.

Email your pic submissions to rena@coronadochamber.com by March 5 including your contact phone number, your theme of choice and the name of the Coronado restaurant you are featuring. You can add a line or two about the theme of your table setting if you wish to highlight any elements. One winner from each category will be announced on March 6, 2021.

Happy styling and bon appetit!

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