Coronado Take-Out Bingo ...

David and Skylar Matthews with their collection of Coronado Take-Out Bingo prizes pictured at their charming home, one of three finalists for the Coronado Historical Association’s 2020 GEM award for Going the Extra Mile and preserving Coronado’s historic homes.

Coronadans really upped their game for the Chamber’s new round of Coronado Take-Out Bingo with four full blackouts and 11 prize-winners collectively spending $2,000 to support local restaurants.

Top prize went to David and Skylar Matthews. “We had a great time visiting some of our regular spots and enjoyed fun date nights trying new ones!” Highlights included a charcuterie board from Nado Republic and their favorite wonderblend coffee from Cafe 1134. Then came one special marathon morning: “We started at Amalo Brew by the library, then went to Juice Crafters, grabbed a pancake breakfast for my wife at Crown Bistro and a breakfast burrito from Night & Day for me – all because of the contest!”

David and Skylar’s gold level prize comprises a $25 gift card for Garage Buona Forchetta, $20 for Yummy Sushi, $10 Burger Lounge. Plus they received a stylish San Diego Loyal baseball hat, T-shirt, flag, decal magnets and pocket-size hand sanitizers! And that’s not all! They also claimed a much-coveted Orange Ave beach towel, Coronadopoly game and a Crown City license plate frame!

Coming in a close second was Kate Sweedler who gets all the above goodies bar the baseball hat!

Joint third in the gold category draw are MB Coburn and Megan Bondy who each get a $30 gift card from Nado Republic, $10 Night & Day Café and $5 from Café 1134, plus a San Diego Loyal t-shirt, flag, decal magnet and five hand sanitizers a piece!

In the Silver 8+ receipt category we have Jill and Marvin Heinze who get a $20 Yummy Sushi gift card, a $30 gift card from Nado Republic, plus SD Loyal t-shirt, flag, decal magnets and four branded hand sanitizers. And Angela and Erick Schwering will get a $30 gift card from Nado Republic,a $10 gift card for Burger Lounge and $10 for Night & Day plus all the SD Loyal goodies!

In the Bronze 5+ receipt category we have Gretchen Allen, Drew Cohn, Emma Mickel, Penny and Mike White and Mike Woiwode. Each get a $30 Nado Republic gift card, $5 coffee card for Amalo Brew, three San Diego Loyal hand sanitizers and two decal magnets!

All of this on top of full, happy tummies. Now that’s a tasty deal.

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