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There is exciting news for existing and new patients of Coronado Eye Care: they have moved to a new location. You can find Dr. Stephen Moffett, Dr. Greg Giles and their dedicated and friendly staff at brand new offices located at 950 Orange Avenue.

There is exciting news for existing and new patients of Coronado Eye Care: they have moved to a new location. You can find Dr. Stephen Moffett, Dr. Greg Giles and their dedicated and friendly staff at brand new offices located at 950 Orange Avenue. “If I tell people we are a few doors down from Starbucks and where the old Sunglass Hut used to be then everyone knows where we moved,” laughed Moffett.

Moffett has been leading Coronado Eye Care since 2003. The old location on Eighth Street became too small and it was time to look for something newer and more accommodating for their patients. “I also wanted to be in a place where I could secure a long term lease”, said Moffett. “The new office on Orange Avenue gives us a permanent home with more visibility, more space, and people know exactly where we are”.

The difference in the old location and new are evident as soon as you walk in the front door. The front office is bright and spacious with plenty of room for patients to social distance and wait for their appointment. Patients are also treated to a new retail area with a full array of glasses and sunglasses on display. You have plenty of brands to choose from and they can be custom fitted and ordered during your visit.

The doctors at Coronado Eye Care offer patients the latest in technology to help with your eye care needs. Moffett is glaucoma certified, offers routine eye exams, eye disease management, lasik and refractive surgery, eye emergency care, and vision therapy for children.

The practice also has Giles as an associate who is a leader in the field of pediatric vision training and therapy. “His specialty develops exercises for the children’s eyes that helps them focus and increase the strength in their eyes,” said Moffett. “We are using the computer more than ever today and this creates eye strain which further creates tired eyes, infections, or an inability to stay awake while reading. Near sightedness is on the rise more than ever as well. Our goal in all areas of our practice is to catch and treat eye issues early. If we can do that, we can prevent vision loss, enhance our patients’ vision through glasses and contacts, and try to prevent something from becoming serious”.

Unfortunately, the times we are living in cause all of us to ask about COVID-19 protocols before visiting medical offices. Moffett and his staff have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of their patients. “We were closed from March to May of 2020, and considered non-essential at that time except for emergencies”, said Moffett. “But now we are open and prioritize keeping our patients safe.”

Patients are required to wear masks during their visits, temperatures are taken upon arrival, and the staff wears N-95 masks all day. Patients are screened over the phone prior to their appointment, and they keep all patients in separate rooms during their visit. With their larger, new space, it is easier to social distance.

Also available is a telehealth consult or exam on the computer or over the phone. “We have quite a few older patients in our practice and we want them to feel safe seeing their eye doctor and have options if they cannot come into the office,” said Moffett. “The care provided by an eye doctor is considered essential now so we want to make sure we are open and keep everyone safe.”

Moffett also stays busy in another area of eye care that is clearly important to him. He is honored to be an Optometrist partner with Vision of Children Foundation in San Diego, whose mission is to cure childhood blindness and other vision disorders, and to improve the lives of visually impaired individuals and their families. Moffett and Coronado Eye Care proudly donate $2 of every Optomap test to this charity.

Moffett said, “My patients are thrilled to know that a percentage of their exam and eyewear fees are being invested in this research.

“[The Vision of Children Foundation is] truly a leader in their field, have funded research for over 27 years, and have incredible young people being given the chance to overcome obstacles. I sincerely hope that my colleagues across the country will embrace this program. Imagine the powerful message optometrists can send by investing in cures for tomorrow in addition to providing families with clear vision today”.

Coronado Eye Care accepts most insurance plans with a list provided on their website at You can reach the office at 619-435-6221 to make an appointment. They also have a newsletter called Vision and Health News on their website that provides helpful vision care and preventive medicine news.

“We are excited about our new location,” said Moffett. “This gives us the opportunity to provide more services to our patients in a new environment that we are excited to be a part of in Coronado”.

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