Jon Palmieri

Compass, the fast-growing and innovative real estate broker, has recently teamed with Coronado Luxury Real Estate Specialist, Jon Palmieri, to better serve buyers and sellers in Coronado; and to help build an agency of the highest caliber real estate professionals. Jon is the first agent invited to represent Compass in Coronado.

Founded in 2012, Compass has quickly grown to become the nation’s largest independent brokerage; and is expected to reach $1 billion in revenues in 2019. In this short time, Compass’ digital footprint has grown to more than five times the monthly Digital Visits of the next closest San Diego brokerage.

Compass represents the most technology-forward and creative team ever assembled in Real Estate, to completely elevate the real estate searching, buying and selling experience. Compass leaders and management hail from the world's most innovative and influential companies and organizations, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Conde Nast, Rolex, Tiffany & Co and even The White House; creating a disruptive mix of technology, marketing and design unmatched in Real Estate. Compass represents a fresh, bold and future- focused approach to the formerly staid and slow-to-change industry.

The average real estate agent spends 89 percent of their time doing administrative and arts and crafts tasks! By deploying innovative technology, created in-house (not outsourced), Compass provides clients a more empowered, efficient and enjoyable experience; and as a result, Compass agents, on average, increase their productivity and sales by more than 24 percent in their first year alone.

Compass is building the largest luxury Real Estate brokerage with a presence in the country’s most dynamic markets.

Compass’ innovative programs and initiatives include:

• Compass Concierge – Compass covers a seller’s upfront cost of preparing a home for sale, to elevate a home’s value and maximize its potential on the market

• Compass Bridge Loan – Compass can offer an interest-free loan to a home seller needing funds to close on their future home prior to the sale of their current home

• Collections Smartphone App - called the Pinterest of Real Estate. Collections provides the power of the MLS in an easy to use search and review format - helping clients search smarter, from anywhere. Collections allows a buyer or seller to create an evolving, real-time ‘scrapbook’ of just the types of properties they define, a collection that is automatically updated with each change in the market. Buyers and Sellers see exactly what they want to see, quickly and beautifully displayed.

• Markets Smartphone App - putting easy to understand and comprehensive market data in the palm of a buyer or seller’s hand – tailored to the property type, size and price on which they wish to focus. Market Data includes neighborhood stats on medium pricing, per square foot pricing, days on market, and negotiability – for Active, Pending and Sold properties...all in an easy to view and understand format.

• Wealth Mapping and Predictive Data - for sellers of high-end properties (which many are in Coronado), Compass uses wealth mapping and Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs to proactively reach buyers who may not even have begun looking. As an example, the technology can identify and reach a possible buyer in the Bay Area, whose fellow country club member may have recently purchased a home in Coronado.

• Compass Sign of the Future – the first innovation in the real estate sign in 50 years. The visually unique sign uses wireless technology to remotely provide prospective buyers with robust information about the property. A passerby simply scans the sign’s QR code, which then takes a user directly to the listing page or prompts them to download the Compass Mobile phone app. This listing information can include videos, virtual reality tours, 3D floor plans, and photography.

• International Digital Connections – Recognizing that many Coronado buyers come from abroad, Compass has forged connections with more than 75 key digital real estate destination on every continent.

• Compass Cares Initiative - Compass gives back a percentage of each transaction to be used exclusively with local non-profit organizations, chosen by their local agents 
“When I was invited to see the innovative approach Compass was taking to direct the future of real estate, and to meet the team they had assembled, I was completely taken aback,” said Palmiere. “Their technology, marketing and innovation is so far ahead of anything I have seen in my 20+ years in real estate. Their mission of elevating every aspect of the buying and selling experience was refreshing and very exciting to me. I feel honored to be part of what I believe to be a tipping point in our industry.”

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