Charisma On Orange Avenue ...

Charisma is getting a facelift and offer a new shopping experience will be available to customers on July 2.

Shannon Wiegel has owned the popular store Charisma on Orange Avenue since 2017. She has enjoyed pleasing locals and tourists alike with her unique gifts, local wares and incomparable taste for what she places in her store.

Get ready Coronado, Charisma is about to make a major change! When I first heard about the news on the block, it bothered me to know that one of the islands beloved stores was about to replace our favorite items with something new. Maybe no one likes change? Or is it that Charisma has always provided the gifts we were looking for?

“It was time for a change,” said Weigel. “This is the first time since I have owned the store that we have decided to take Charisma to another level and entice our customers with something new.”

Charisma will be closed from June 27 through July 1, with it’s grand re-opening taking place July 2 at 9 a.m. For all the fans of Charisma out there, you may be asking yourself why? The answer is an incredible story.

“I was approached by a local entrepreneur,” explained Wiegel. “They loved the store and saw potential in what we were already doing and making some changes. They have offered a professional organizer, interior designer, and merchandiser to help me create ideas for bringing new life to the store. They are going to feature Charisma on a show called Business Overhaul.”

Business Overhaul is a show currently on youtube with the hopes of becoming a TV show at a later date.

“I am honored and blessed that they chose me and my store for this feature,” said Wiegel. “After such a horrible year it was time to breathe new life into my business and generate more sales.”

The remodel of the store will all be cosmetic. The idea is to create a beachy theme with all white surroundings.

“I am leaving the decisions up to the designers,” said Wiegel. “We have discussed what we think the business should bring to our customers and agree that we are on the right path … I have always agreed that it’s important to have items in our store that support small family-owned businesses and local artists. That’s important to me as a small business owner myself. Yes there will be a few things that are from larger companies, but that’s because our customers love those products.”

The ideas for the new Charisma are intriguing. There will be a strong Coronado focus, with items that center on the beach, the Island Crown symbol and local artwork, candles, and pottery. But the forthcoming change to the store via the designers is creating a shopping experience.

“We plan to have curating moments with the items we sell now”, said Wiegel. “It is not just going to be items on a shelf; the sections of the store will tell a story in each area and feature new items that our shoppers will be able to put together and enhance their experience in our store.”

While there will be no ribbon cutting for the grand re-opening, there is still a major change coming that not even this writer was allowed to know prior to July 2. For the short term, Wiegel will be doing business as “Charisma”, but the store will officially open under a brand new name. There will also be a new storefront image to entice customers back to this longtime island favorite.

July 2 is a new and exciting day for shoppers In Coronado. 1158 Orange Avenue is the place to be at 9 a.m. when the doors open on a new adventure. Don’t miss it!

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