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Lauren Shuffett’s free Bootcamp By The Bay classes take place on weekend mornings at Tidelands Park or Coronado Cays Park and are open to the public.

Longtime local Lauren Shuffett is helping the community move their bodies, while also giving back. Shuffett is a San Diego native who has lived in Coronado since 2001. She attended Coronado Middle School and Coronado High School; and later San Diego City College, and San Diego State University.

Shuffett worked in the service industry here in Coronado from 2006-2021. “You might know me from my long run as a bartender at Coronado Brewing Company,” started Shuffett. “I currently work as a Realtor (with the Yost Quesada Team under Douglas Elliman) helping clients buy and sell Real Estate in Coronado and San Diego.” 

Shuffett is known in Coronado for being the toughest sweetheart in town. Beyond her bubbly personality and current work as a Realtor, she is also a competitive powerlifter, and competitive bodybuilder. “Fitness has been an important part of my life for a very long time. I started taking a bootcamp put on by a husband and wife in 2014, these classes completely changed my life, I fell in love with pushing my body and mind. Years later I still had that love and passion, so I became a certified personal trainer.” 

Fast forward a few years and a lot of life changes, Shuffett decided she wanted to share her love of fitness with anyone willing and able. “I wanted to bring the knowledge and creativity that I have gained over the years to my community,”  Shuffett explained. 

This led Shuffett to start hosting her own bootcamp classes at the very same park she took that first class so many years ago. “My bootcamps are one hour long outdoor workouts at Tidelands Park right here in Coronado. I set up an area right next to the skate park, where the pull-up bars and rings are. The classes are a mix of High Intensity Interval Training, mixed with strength training. I believe in the importance of compound movements, such as squats and deadlifts, combined with intervals designed to elevate your heart rate.” Though Shuffett wants to help pass on her fitness knowledge to those interested, her main goal is to achieve community togetherness.

One thing that was important to Shuffett was ensuring no one would ever have to pay to attend her bootcamp classes. “I don’t want to charge any money for me hosting the classes, I believe I should share what I have with anyone that wants to learn… It is so beautiful to watch people get stronger, build confidence, and build relationships in one of the most beautiful places in San Diego, I do not feel I should take any money for putting this together.” 

Donating her own personal time each weekend to locals who want to learn how to move their bodies and get in shape is only half of how Shuffett has used her love of fitness to give back. As the classes gained popularity, Shuffett had the idea to create a donation envelope to put out during her bootcamps. “I found that people were so inclined to donate because they loved their time [at bootcamp],” explained Shuffett. When the envelope reaches $100, Shuffett uses the money to donate to a local organization in Coronado.

So far, Shuffett has donated to PAWS, the Navy SEAL Foundation, the Coronado Schools Foundation, and most recently, the Coronado Fire Department. “When I decided to donate to the Coronado Fire Department, I also wanted it to start being more personal, so I thought coordinating a catered lunch would be great, on top of that it would support a local restaurant.” 

Shuffett plans to continue donating her time to these bootcamps, while simultaneously donating to local organizations. Her goal as of now is to grow her bootcamps and donations to be able to donate to an organization once a month. “I would also like to put on a fundraiser obstacle course and get parents and kids involved. I have more ideas... but I can’t give away all my secrets,” Shuffett joked.

Shuffett’s bootcamps take place on weekend mornings at Tidelands Park or Coronado Cays Park and are open to the public. “The class will push you only as hard as you push you. The most important thing is just the movement, moving your body in the sun and fresh air… I provide the workout, the equipment, the music, and guidance. All you have to do is get there!” 

For more information on Shuffett’s bootcamp classes or to make a donation, you can call Shuffett at (619)988-2172, or you can check out the official bootcamp Instagram page @bootcamp_by_the_bay.

VOL. 113, NO. 14- Apr. 5, 2023

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