If you’re a parent who’s been looking for a more family-friendly spot, a group of friends in search of some fun umbrella drinks, or a sports fan hankering for big eats and a place to watch your fave team, you have a one-stop shop at the newly opened Boardwalk Beach Club.

The space, upstairs at 1300 Orange Avenue, was formerly occupied by the upscale Maretalia, Blue Bridge Hospitality’s Italian restaurant. While the sleek bar at the entrance and the outdoor patio remain in place, the rest of the space has been transformed into a casual, bustling spot, with whimsy in every corner.

The bar has multiple flat screen TV’s, the dining area walls are covered with colorful pop art (including a mermaid strategically adorned with two fish bowls, complete with a beta fish in each), and the arcade area toward the rear is a middle-schooler’s dream, skee ball, Pac Man, foosball, pinball and a claw machine are just a few games to fill the room, plus there’s a pool table in the adjoining space between the dining area and the arcade. The arcade is ideally located in an area which allows parents to keep an eye on the kiddos, while keeping the noise level surprisingly low.

The fun doesn’t stop with games and cheeky décor, though. The menu is casual, bright and cost-conscious, with loads of family-friendly options.

On my first visit, my son and my friend Aimee accompanied me. We each ordered a fun beverage; Bahama Mama for me, Hidden Temple (zero proof) for my son, and a Honey Jalapeno Margarita for Aimee. Normally I’m more of a wine person, but I really enjoyed the bright tropical flavor of my drink, and the rest of my party were pleased with their selections as well.

We ordered a variety of appetizers and main courses, but we agreed that our favorite was the Hawaiian BBQ Sticky Pork Lettuce Cups. Bits of pork with a spicy sweet glaze, served with slaw and a spicy aioli and iceberg lettuce leaves made for a perfect start to our meal. We also enjoyed the lumpia, and my son scarfed his shrimp and white fish ceviche without saying much, which indicates that he was well pleased with his choice.

When I try out a new spot, if a burger is on the menu, I almost always opt for one, so when I spotted the Drive-Thru Burger on the menu, I could barely contain myself. This isn’t a fancy burger. This is the burger you remember from your childhood. Two patties, smashed, and adorned with only onion, pickle, American cheese, and a dollop of “secret sauce.” You’ll never have to wait in a painfully long line for a double-double again. It’s accompanied by house made Islander chips and lightly dressed greens, and it’s more than plenty, though you can order a side of Boardwalk waffle fries if you’re so inclined.

Aimee opted for the Crispy Fish Tacos—two large tacos filled with a generous portion of CBC beer-battered cod, and topped with a cilantro crema, pico, and shredded cabbage. A squeeze of lime gave the fish a perfect zing, and on a subsequent visit, I decided to order them as my main course.

My son, always a fan of island-style food, didn’t hesitate to order the seared ahi plate, served with traditional mac salad and sticky white rice. Again, there wasn’t much talking going on, and he chowed down every morsel, which could only mean that he enjoyed it immensely.
Our servers were friendly, and cheerfully walked us through the menu, and were readily available when we needed refills on our beverages.

On my second visit, with three other pals, we tried different libations, including a tiki cocktail called a “Jackass.” Try it, if you’re not too embarrassed to order it. We got past that little issue, thankfully. It’s a bit like a mule, only a little on the wild side. We loved it.

We also sampled fish and chips (enormous portion), the Huli-Huli chicken wrap, and the Mootime Hula Bula Pie. This is a must have, and big enough for a family of four to share—it’s an ice cream bombe, with a chocolate crust, nuts, coconut, and topped with a thick layer of hot fudge.

Blue Bridge Hospitality has hit this one out of the park, and is just what Coronado has been missing. Go on a casual date and stay in the bar area, or take the whole family. There’s truly something for everyone.

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