Nicole Paquin’s first book, “Sofia Madison and the Voice Within,” took readers to Las Vegas and then to San Diego, Coronado and Imperial Beach where Sofia Madison, or “Maddie,” spent a year with a man she thought, was the love of her life. The story, based in part on her life experience and that of others, will surprise readers and take them on an adventure where Maddie triumphs in the end.

In Paquin’s recently finished second book of the series, “Double Trouble, The Summer of 1987,” is in the process of being published. Readers will find out about Sofia Madison’s teenage years in Coronado, then they are fast forwarded to 15 years later to a high school reunion. At the reunion, Maddie encounters once again the Knox twins and reconnects with her best friend.

“She reunites with her friend.. it’s heart wrenching…Maddie finds a career, gets a piece of her life back. It’s a win win… It was fun writing this book and it came out so fast,” Pacquin said.

Paquin is writing a screenplay for this coming-of-age turned romance novel, since she has received interest by a movie production company.

Paquin is a contemporary Women’s Fiction, Chick-Lit and Young Adult writer who has been a live music performer and worked in real estate. She grew up in Coronado, graduated from Coronado High School in 1991 and lives in Imperial Beach.

Paquin has been involved in writing for the past decade, and studied at San Diego Writers Ink where she is now leading a “Getting Published” class for aspiring authors. She is also the host of a weekly podcast, “The Bombshell Book Review,” supporting Indie authors.

Paquin self published her first book “Sofia Madison and the Voice Within” and is now relaunching it with a new cover. This book has gained readership thanks to an online reading app, where it has receiving a 4.7 out 5 stars, surpassing 87 percent of all the books on the app and getting over 1,000 reads a month. Paquin has also created a prompted travel journal as a companion to the first Sofia Madison’s book.

Since publishing “Sofia Madison and the Voice Within,” Paquin has been busy writing her second installment. “I immersed myself in writing and made connections with other authors, editors, artists. I have made lots of changes to the cover, to market it to certain audiences, worked with a cover designer, learned the software and learned to use it myself,” explained Paquin. In fact, she eventually created the new cover herself.

Paquin plans on two more books in the Sofia Madison series to come out next year. Paquin is staying busy as a host on Talk Show Central promoting the movie “Ruta Madre,” partially filmed in Imperial Beach.

Paquin has dedicated her last book to Coronado Islanders who experienced the same rite of passage as Sofia Madison. “For generations, secretly crossing the border into Tijuana was a rite of passage for San Diego teenagers. This book gives a glimpse of what life was like growing up …in the 80s. The stories, cultivated and fictionalized, are unique to those who were there and serve as reminder of an era that came to an end, and show how lucky we were to have experienced it all, unscathed. Well, mostly,” writes Paquin.

The character, Sofia Madison, is someone many can identify with. “There is a part of her in every one of us, which is why she is so relatable,” explained Paquin.

“If I can envelope a reader enough to take [readers’] mind off of daily stresses, I have done my job,” she said.

The relaunch includes a “Sofia Madison and the Voice Within” book signing at Bay Books in Coronado on Nov. 21 from 12 to 2 p.m. followed by a reading, cocktails and Q&A that evening at The Carriage House in Kearney Mesa. at 7 p.m. Paquin plans on publishing “Double Trouble, The Summer of 1987” this coming year.

“Sofia Madison and the Voice Within” is available at Bay Books in Coronado and and Kindle. Follow Paquin at

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