Meet & Greet At Village Elementary School ...

Village Elementary School second graders enjoy a ‘Meet & Greet’ with Classics 4 Kids conductor and pianist Dana Zimbric. Village Visual and Performing Arts teacher Cyndi Fuhrman organized 29 live virtual classes featuring multiple musicians and instruments for over 700 students throughout the week.

Over 700 kindergarten through fifth grade students at Village Elementary School will participate in musician ‘Meet & Greets’ during their Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) classes this week.

“I try to bring as much diverse and in-depth content to students as I can. This program adds another layer of interaction, with time to ask questions and make real life connections with music,” said Village Elementary VAPA teacher Cyndi Fuhrman.

The program, a 25 minute live virtual field trip, features an interactive musical performance by a professional musician, an explanation of the instrument, and time for student questions.

“The instruments include clarinet, piano, violin, viola, bassoon, flute, ukulele, and mariachi. The musical selections are very diverse, and tailored to the grade level of the students,” shared Fuhrman.

The program is free and is created and presented by Classics4Kids (C4K), a San Diego-based educational performing arts organization dedicated to “inspire children through the experience of live music, generate creativity, academic success, and cultural understanding.”

“I’m very excited to bring these opportunities to our students. Actually, this week’s classroom experience is the first in a two-part lesson, as C4K will be back in March for a live orchestra concert. We are in the planning stages for that and can’t wait for our students to hear a real orchestra,” said Furhman. The orchestra concert is funded through a 2021-22 Coronado Community Grant award to C4K.

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