Bright And Airy Spaces At Vons ...

The new store is clean and fresh. The aisles are well marked and organized. There is a completely new addition to the store on the east side that enables the rest of the store to be less crowded and the aisles wider.

As someone who has been both a visitor and now permanent resident of Coronado, I have spent an enormous amount of time at Vons. If you are coming back to the island to enjoy the summer, there is a surprise waiting for you when you enter the doors. Our hometown grocery store has recently undergone a major transformation to the joy of its customers. It’s no secret that the small aisles and old style has brought frustration to even the most loyal of patrons. Then COVID strikes and you would rather do almost anything than go grocery shopping and stand in lines ending at the back of the store, as well as following the arrow markings on the floor.

There is a collective sigh of relief Vons fans, this remodel and addition has changed everything. Both corporate and local management teams spent the last nine months in an almost 007 venture putting together plans to update the store and make it a more enjoyable shopping experience. Being here year-round, we were able to see things start to change ever so slightly. You’d be in the store one minute with things the same, and the next, the floors were taken down to concrete and some areas blocked off entirely. Soon there appeared an addition on the east side of the store on Orange Avenue, new signage above the aisles, and whole sections moved to the additional part of the “new” store.

I’m not sure about you, but as much as I tended to complain about the smallness of Vons in its old habitat, I still liked the familiarity of it and the lack of change. But change is a good thing. In the case of this Vons location, it truly was a necessity to better serve our community of islanders and vacationers.

The new store is clean and fresh. The aisles are well marked and organized. There is a completely new addition to the store on the east side that enables the rest of the store to be less crowded and the aisles wider. There is a beautiful new flower location where you can order arrangements and purchase some already made. Cooler and freezer cases are new, and the organic vegetable and fruit section has grown and is nicely displayed. The wine and liquor area are also much more organized, and items are well labeled.

While speaking with store Manager Scott Thompson, he talks about the improvements to the store with pride and relief. “This remodel was long overdue for our store,” said Thompson. “I have been here two years and have gotten to know this community and how important this store is to them.” Vons is a landmark on Orange Avenue and one we depend on. “Sales are up more than the company anticipated,” said Thompson and the support from our community is incredible. “I never heard a complaint during construction,” he said, “just nice comments and excitement about what we were doing.”

I must give a big shout out to the employees in the store, they are present and offering their assistance while shoppers are navigating the new areas. The store has wisely placed a store directory on the end caps of some of the aisles that outlines each area and its items alphabetically. My suggestion (because I did this myself and it worked) is to try and take time to go into the store when you aren’t rushing to find that one item. Walk around, familiarize yourself with where everything is and take in all the changes prior to pushing around a basket full of groceries.

Coronado always hangs together during good and bad times. Vons is part of that scenario. When the store had a fire in August, the community was there offering help and asking if there was anything they could do. “I stood outside the store and talked with our customers and kept them updated on progress and gave them assurance that the store would be back open soon”, said Thompson. “This community is different than any other I have worked in, and I am proud to be a part of Coronado Vons”.

The store still has small items to complete but the feel of a brand-new store is evident as soon as you enter. “We have 200-500 more customers per day”, said Thompson. We are happy that the remodel provides our customers with what they need”.

Vons is open from 6 a.m. – midnight and is located at 868 Orange Avenue. Grocery delivery is also available. 619-435-6811.

VOL. 112, NO. 27 - July 6, 2022

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