The City of Coronado takes a look back on a busy 2020. Here is a list of items the City did this past year.

2020 in Review:

Oversaw the COVID-19 Response: offered free outdoor dining venue in Spreckels Park; provided free masks; provided interest free loans to Coronado tax-producing businesses; allowed businesses to expand outdoors; allowed gyms and fitness centers to use public parks free of charge; authorized the purchase of equipment to protect workers’ and the public’s safety; encouraged outdoor activities; abated rent for City tenants; authorized seeking disaster assistance; endorsed a neighbor assistance network; explored a serology testing program; personally delivered MaskUp Coronado signs; conducted City Council meetings with COVID protocols; approved expanded communications and an information call center; approved a community COVID testing program; facilitated a virtual Memorial Day ceremony; approved virtual civic Halloween events; approved virtual civic Christmas events; conducted the City’s Commissioner’s Dinner virtually.

Recognized the City’s 130th anniversary of incorporation with a virtual 130 Challenge.

Continued the tradition of the Avenue of the Heroes event.

Adopted a balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21.

Oversaw a FY 2020 year-end with $3.7 million in excess of General Fund revenue over expenditures.

Oversaw the Pension Stabilization 115 Trust Fund with a balance of over $10 million. Provided $800,000 in funding for community groups in the areas of arts, economic development, social services and community pride/sense of place.

Received the award for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the 2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Honored labor agreements despite the pandemic.

Received two awards for the Transbay Pump Station Project.

Second and Orange Parklets were recognized by the APWA.

Accepted a Gold Level Beacon Award for Sustainability Practices from the Institute for Local Government.

Maintained Coronado’s status as a Tree City USA and as a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community

Oversaw the commencement of construction for universally accessible playground equipment using Prop 68 money at Mathewson Park.

Approved the new commercial district public restroom partnership.

Supported historic preservation with the approval of nine Mills Act-eligible houses.

Continued to pursue and endorse the development of a Climate Action Plan.

Continued to pursue and endorse solutions for Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge.

Approved a new form of parking enforcement via license plate readers with a side effect of free parking during the permitted parking window.

Oversaw the completion of the Third and I Avenue Storm Drain Project.

Approved the OTS grant for the motorcycle Ride to Live Program.

Provided funding for Police Department radio encryption software.

Endorsed new Computer Aided Dispatch and replacement of the Records Management System for the Police Department.

Responded to SANDAG’s RHNA allocation.

Resisted encroachment of local land use control via opposition to the Airport Land Use Plan.

Approved the rehabilitation of the Villa Capri hotel.

Approved the surplus and disposal of the problematic quint tiller.

Approved accepting ownership of state Routes 75 and 282 and a lump sum payment of $22 million from Caltrans.

Created the Relinquished Highway Funds and allocated $9.3 million.

Continued to promote improvements to the Toll Plaza area.

Approved funding for the replacement of Police motorcycles.

Provided comments on the Draft Port Master Plan.

Prevented civil unrest from reaching Coronado.

Authorized improvements of the lighting in the Golf Course parking lot.

Provided greater emphasis to maintenance of Orange Avenue median gardens.

Approved the Coastal Campus Sewer Line.

Approved the remodeled dorm room in the Headquarters Fire Station.

Continued Coronado’s record of annual street preventative maintenance.

Approved low impact medians on state Route 75 from RH Dana to Pomona Avenue.

Approved Odor Control Management Services with the Navy.

Selected an Ocean Boulevard Sidewalk Design.

Endorsed ongoing efforts to underground utilities.

Endorsed construction projects during the COVID lull including the Library carpet, Library RFID and Boat House grease interceptor.

Approved a field-use agreement with the Port concerning the use of Tidelands Park.

Celebrated the success of the “Remotely Monitored Bicycle” anti-theft program and its 100th arrest.

Continued support for drought proofing the Golf Course parks and improved stewardship of potable water.

Resolved the Cays second story addition issue.

Continued to seek solutions to improve and calm traffic – Sixth and Pomona is an example.

Continued to support the management of major special events with modification of the ordinance .

Adopted a policy to encourage low-cost visitor accommodations.

Continued to address the impact of state required accessory dwelling units.

Approved shelter beds for homeless transients.

Supported Organic Waste Recycling.

Helped reduce throw-away plastic bottles with installation of water-bottle filling stations.

Continued to advocate to improve border water quality.

Approved a grant application to improve mobility for all ages.

Continued to upgrade and maintain the storm drain system.

Abated abandoned and derelict vessels via state grant.

Authorized colorful banners to decorate Orange Avenue.

Continued to support the Coronado Hospital with an installment payment of $1.339 million.

Continued to support the school district and provide access to school facilities with a $370,000 annual payment.

Continued to cultivate a longstanding partnership with the school district.

Authorized two school resource officers.

Provided funding for school crossing guards.

Supported community enrichment via the Community Read of “The Library Book.”

Supported Dog Beach with new mats at the dog wash station and renewal of the Navy property agreement.

Continued the tradition of an additional day off for employees in December.

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