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The Coronado Recreation Department, with help from Santa, compiled a list of some of the more honest, funny, creative, caring components of the letters written to Santa.

The Coronado Recreation Department, with help from Santa, compiled a list of some of the more honest, funny, creative, caring components of the letters written to Santa.

Naughty or Nice

“Santa, you can choose if I was good or bad. If you choose good, I would like… If you choose bad, I get nothing!”

“I will listen to God.”

“I listen to mommy when she says to do my schoolwork.”

“I have helped my brother with spelling and letters and have helped the dogs get their toys from under the couch and on top of the furniture.”

“I am nice and I make people laugh.”

“You know I have been really good, so I won’t remind you.”

“I have been very good this year! I got fantastic grades, and I got into a great college to which I will be leaving to very soon.”

Cookies for Santa

“I promise to leave milk and cookies for you and carrots for your reindeer.”

“We will be leaving a cookie, goldfish and milk for you and your reindeer on Christmas Eve.”

“I am making a special cookie for Mrs. Claus. Will you take it to her?”

Most letters had specific requests for presents for Santa to deliver. Here are some memorable ones:

Gifts Most Often Requested

Dolls: American Girl Dolls especially Joss – American Girl doll Girl of the Year 2020, Barbie dolls, doll cars and bicycles

Collectable Mini Dolls - L.O.L. OMG dolls, Polly Pockets

Bey Blades (spinning toys), arenas

Bicycles, bicycles, bicycle baskets, Hoover Boards

Legos: kits

Dress Up: princess dresses

Remote control: car, drone, jet pack, dune buggy, dinosaur

Gaming Systems: Nintendo Switch, specialized video game controllers (that have rumble, thermal cameras, gyroscopes, and extended battery life)

Sports; hockey sticks, hockey gear and pro sports team jerseys

Shoes: high tops

Character Toys: Pokemon, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Baby Yoda, Calico Critters

Electronics: iPhone 12, Chrome book , video games, VR headset

Toy Vehicles: toy trucks, police cars, fire trucks, trash trucks

Polaroid Camera

Nerf – bow and arrows and guns

Stuffed animals, especially Star Belly Dream Lite

Poopsie Slime Surprise (a unicorn that magically poops slime after feeding it!)

Other Gift Requests Worth Noting

Eggs that turn into a Grinja Pokemon

Fairy Garden Supplies

Speedo Goggles for swim team

Gotta Go Flamingo (it talks, eats and goes poop)

Bakugan – a Japanese anime TV series where small character start out in a ball and transform into cool creatures that resemble dragons and snakes

Karaoke machine

My own markers

My Pillow

Squeaky Robot

A diary with a lock and a key


Imoo watch (smart watch for kids)

Hair products

Candy: Hershey Bars, PEZ, Marshmallows, Snow cones, candy canes

My Life as Get Well Sick Day Kit, everything needed to make your sick doll feel better.

Mermaids, unicorns, rainbows


Snow Globe

Bunny Night Light

Prodigy Membership (gives students access to more in-game content)

“How to Survive in the Wild” Book

Requests for “Real Things”

Real football

A puppy

A pet lizard

A violin


Pet parrot

Rudolph and the Reindeer

“Santa please Kiss all the reindeer for me”

“Can you give me a picture of Rudolph?”

“I love the Grinch, but I want to pet the reindeer.”

“I will leave your reindeer special snacks.”

“What reindeer games do the reindeer play?”

“Tell your reindeer ‘good luck on your fly?’”

More from Letters to Santa

“I want a doll that is named Jackie that I saw in a store on Orange Ave. She has a blue dress and coat with a crown on it and yellow hair.”

“Santa…thank you for coming every year.”

“Santa, I am your biggest fan.”

“PS If you don’t bring me everything , that is okay.”

“PS Can you tell me why you drop a present on our roof the day before Christmas every year?”

“PS I have improved my mind.”

“Santa…do you ever get a break?”

“Can I get a smart watch so I can keep track of the steps I walk each day?”

“Daddy really likes the UNO game you gave him last year.”

“Santa…what is your favorite color?”

“How big is the North Pole?”

“I will try to stay up late and say hello.”

“Why do you wear a coat and go down chimneys?”

“I have a lot of friends.”

“My favorite animals are red pandas, dogs, crabs and little furry animals.”

“Should I have a limit on toys to ask for or no?”

“It’s me…your favorite 13 year old!”

“I want to make my bedroom BOHO Hippie so will you bring me pillows and a bedspread in retro hippie style. If you can’t do that, I would like Hippie earrings and rings.”

A teen said, “If you can’t bring me what I asked for, I would like a six-foot tall surfer boyfriend this Christmas.”

“Dad wants a new set of golf clubs…but he does not know what type yet.”

“PS We will leave a present for you under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.”

“I would like a Nerf Gun. I know that my mom doesn’t like weapons, but I really think that they are super cool!”

“I know that it is is getting close to Christmas but I am hopeful that this reaches you in time.”

“Santa…please look at my list. I feel greedy but the thing I want most, is for the kids that don’t usually get presents to get some. I don’t mean the bad kids on the naughty list. I mean the poor kids.”

Related to the Pandemic

“PS I hope that you don’t get COVID-19.”

“I hope you guys are safe from COVID-19.”

“Do you have the Coronavirus in the North Pole?”

“I hope that you, Mrs. Claus, your elves and your reindeer are okay during this crazy year.”

“I have been trying to be nice this year, but with Covid it is becoming harder.”


“My Christmas wishes are 1. Great health for family, 2. No more coronavirus, 3. To play with family and friends again.”

“Santa, can you please bring some joy to the people and kids in the hospital and to the ones on the streets?”

“Santa…thanks for all you are doing to keep Coronado Festive and Safe!”

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