Holiday Window Display ...

Sweet Soles owner Kari Ursitti (left) and Interior Designer Diana Meskimen (middle) pose with their winning design for the Coronado Holiday Window Display contest, winning a year’s membership to the Coronado Chamber of Commerce.

Sweet Soles has walked away with the top prize for Coronado’s Best Holiday Retail Window Display!

The sophisticated design, best described as Christmas Couture, features a gold mannequin resplendent in a ballgown with an ivy velvet bodice and floor-length skirt that doubles as a light-studded Christmas tree. The details are exquisite - the red ribbon-sash at the waist, the glittering mask-tiara - and that’s just the first window!

The second panel features a unique cluster of 500 ornaments strung on rustic twine reflecting the colors of the jewels winking in the sunlight at the highest point of the display - sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Embellished metallics add texture and flair.

Sweet Soles owner Kari Ursitti gave local island designer Diana Meskimen of Di 4 Designs carte blanche with her creation. “Diana is so talented, I didn’t want to hold her back in any way and as soon as I saw the result I knew we were a shoe in to win - pun intended!”

“Winning this contest is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a while!” Diana beams. “I also have to thank my husband who, at 6’4”, was a great asset in helping us install it!”

“We would love to see this become a new tradition for Coronado,” Kari adds. “Everyone coming to Coronado see our special Orange Avenue Holiday Windows!”

The winner was chosen by the Coronado Chamber’s Executive Director Sue Gillingham. “We saw so many varied designs this year,” she notes. “Coronado Bliss was the first to get festive with their elegant winter wonderland tree, Wag’N Tails created a super fun tree made entirely of tennis ballls, and Sand, Beach and Bikini went all out lighting up an extended portion of Tenth St with bright bulbs, and accenting with plush penguins and snowmen!”

But it was Sweet Soles that won the day. “It is a truly beautiful scene, well worth a trip to 957 Orange Avenue, and the shoes are wonderful too!”

Sweet Soles wins a year’s membership to the Coronado Chamber of Commerce, with all the perks and bonuses that provides, as well as a pair of designer Orange Ave keychains, total value $300. But the Chamber raises a glass of virtual fizz to every store that decorated with a view to making shoppers smile. We hope you will continue to shop local and, as Fair Trade Decor’s window message says, “Brighten the world with gifts of love.”

GIVEAWAY Follow Sweet Soles on Instagram (@sweetsolescoronado) to participate in their 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, starting Dec. 12 with prizes including gift certificates and men’s athletic wear, as well as Sweet Soles signature women’s shoes.

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