In the Eagle Journal edition of Sept. 24, the Senior Volunteer Patrol (SVP) provided you with information regarding our use of the 72 hour notices. I am happy to report that I now know that some of our readership also reads this column. I recently received a request from one of our readers to provide you all with more information, this time regarding the detached non-motorized vehicles three hour notice as well as oversized vehicle ordinances. The information on both ordinances comes from the Coronado Municipal Code.

What has become known as the three hour rule is really one of two ordinances with a three hour warning notice. The one in this discussion refers specifically to any detached non-motorized vehicle which is not self propelled such as any trailer not attached to a motorized vehicle. It is prohibited from stopping, standing, or being parked in any one location upon any public street, alley, or highway, within the City for a period of more than three consecutive hours. The trailer must move more than 500 feet from the original parking position to constitute a change in parking position.

A Coronado resident may obtain a temporary 48 hour permit for said trailers under the following condition, of loading or unloading for non-commercial purposes in preparation for or after a trip or where a permit has been issued at that residence.Please note there are no guest permits for detached non-motorized vehicles.

Violators are subject to a fine and the trailer may be towed at the owner’s expense. Permits may be obtained at the front counter at the Police Department, Monday through Friday only.

We will discuss the oversized vehicle ordinance in the next article. In the future, the SVP will also try to update you on any recent DMV changes that might apply to any of you drivers. Until then be careful and drive safely.

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